And Now That I'm Better, I'm Dealing With The Scars -.-

I carved a big FAT ***** on my tummy a while ago.

It's been months. I mean a LONG time ago. And I still have the scar. It reminds me of a time and place I don't want to go back to. And it makes me feel self conscious too, even if I get healthier and get the body "I want" I'm probably going to have to deal with that scar for a long time.

It hurt so bad when I did it. I couldn't sleep or stretch because it would open up the cuts again.

And I still have the DIE on my right breast and FAT on the left side of my breast *sigh*

Cuts on my hips. Slashes all around. And that's to say I never was big on cutting, and never did TOO much harm, I just have extremely sensitive skin. Gah, it's made me value myself more though. Because I have to look at those scars every single day and see, that I, I was the ONE who did that to my body.

My wrists have scars too but they are mostly gone.

I don't want to cut anymore. And I haven't for a while. I'm proud of that. There's OTHER ways to deal with stress and pain...
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10 Responses Dec 9, 2011

You know, I'm going to give it a try again, I have you something along those lines but it wasn't too effective.

try bio oil, i was told to use it by a friend and cocoa butter i only started using it recently but its meant to start to fade them within months.

I wasn't too into it. It would be backup, second to the bulimia, but I know it must be sooooo hard for some people. Stay strong xoxo

i struggle with this 2, congrats on being in "remission" its not an easy feat 2 accomplish, at least not for me.

Aww so profound you are my dear! Thanks for your sweet message

I'm glad it's been a while since you last cut :) I guess our scars help remind us of the places we've been and the things that we're capable of, but they also stand as proof of how strong you are to have withstood not only the cuts but the reasons behind the cuts, and you're still here. One day they will fade, but the strength they represent in you never will <3


I'm always here for you, babes. <333

Aww baby, hopefully our scars will fade. Cutting is dumb. And it gives you a rush, but at the end of the day all that emotional **** is still in the way<br />
<br />
Thanks for all your support through all of this, you've stuck by my side boo <3!

I'm happy that you haven't cut in a while. It's no fun. :/<br />
I still have "DIRT" on my left leg because of joey so I hardly ever wear shorts. And my left arm is not pretty haha. Cutting just sucks. I also cut "FAT" into my wrist as a "diet motivation". Yeah, didn't work lol. <br />
But I'm happy that you realize that there are other ways. :)