I was 11 I started cutting whn me mam got depression and i wz single handedly raising my 5month old brother and 3yr old sister. At school i am always tired from being up in the nigh with my brother i felt like i had no friends i couldnt talk too anyone about how i felt i started cutting and i could tell people started noticing the cuts on my wrists no one said anything it was obvious no one cared i just cant cope! Im 13 now and still cutting and feeling fat and worthless and depressed its just so much i really dont no what too do anymore i need too stay strong for my family but i just feel like im gunna break!:(
Reemgypsygal Reemgypsygal
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1 Response Nov 24, 2012

You need to stay strong. Not just for your family this time, but for you. Life can be incredibly hard and seem so unfair, but it will get better. I noticed that my best friend had slashed wrists sometime last year, and felt awful that I hadn't noticed before.

When she refused to stop because she said she couldn't, I went straight to our form tutor and told her about it. She helped my friend with councilling and talking to her parents about things happening at home. As a result of my 'betrayal' she no longer speaks to me, but I see her everyday, coping with things much better than before.

If you don't feel that others will tell for you, then please approach a trusted responsible person who can help you. You don't have to suffer. Good luck and lots of love and I'm here if you need to talk.xxx