The Blood That Drips Down My Legs Makes Me Laugh

**** My Life
Blew My Chance
Kill Me

These are words and names you'll find on my thighs. There may be more but I dont remember. I have been cutting myself since the 4th grade. Im in 11th now. I love it. I love that I have scars. I wish I had the cuts to do more at once. The blood that drips down my legs make me laugh. My wrists are scarred and if my mom didn't threaten to send me to a group home if she saw anymore, then they'd be absolutley disgusting. I use anything. Litterally anything. Pens, paper, razors, nails, whatever. I don't want to stop. Too many things go on to make me want to cut. I don't stomp up the stairs. I dont slam doors. I have ocasionally punched walls to the point where my knuckles are gushing blood. I dont yell. I cry. I cry a lot. So much. Im the biggest f-cking cry baby you'll ever meet. And I dont care about anything anymore. x
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18-21, F
1 Response Dec 5, 2012

it seems you are so thrilled to see others suffering through the pain. what types of human being are you

I dont like seeing others hurt. Id rather hurt myself then take out my frustrations on the people around me that I care about.