Her Name!!

I carved my girl friend's name on my hand 5 year back, in fact i wrote her name with a hot needle, that time i suffered from heavy fever for a week because of pain.. i din't felt pain that time because i loved her madly... now when i see her name on my hand i feel unbearable pain because she dumped me some time back...
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That's good, good luck mate!

Aww sorry man !!

Its ok.. i learned to move on :)

Impulsive decision on your part. But I deeply admire your passion.

thank you... i was not matured that time!

im sorry

Hey its ok, finally i learnt to move on!


I'm sorry Ammi :/ I hope someday you find a girl that deserves all of the kindness you have to offer :D

ya even i am waiting for her!

I bet she's waiting for you too :)

Are u from bakhome?

Nt all girls are brutal guys.... and gosh u must have bared alot of pain....how on earth did u hav da courage 2 do dat?i find it a bit freaky to be honest no 1 comes before urself dnt put yaself thru unnecessary pain 4 sum1 else

i dint felt any pain when i wrote her name.... coz i was in love! and everything is fair in love and war! you can see that name carved on my hand in my pics!

Jezzz u really must hve loved her im sorry she left...

ya i loved her truly :(

Im sry she left u

you can see her name on my hand... i have 1 photo of that in my album...

wow, you're really dedicated. don't worry, like scars, love will fade if the person you give it to doesn't give any back


Im sorry hopefully it will fade away soon :(

no i will not fade it away... she still lives in my heart... how i can erase her?