Well basically I taken away from my dad at age 3 then at age 4-7 I was physically abused and from 8-16 I was verbally abused, I lost a close friend which it's coming to its two yr death... My pop is dying, my Aunty has cancer, as I child I didn't get to see my father for 9 and half yrs I also thought he was dead for almost a yr when he was In the Boxing Day thusanmi just recently got to see him now he is thinking of leaving again... My mums baby's death is coming up again... The list goes on. It's like everything happens to me. I don't talk to my mum no more! My family is getting threatened and I am getting harassed!! I saw my roommate slit her wrists and legs to the point she needed stitches but didn't get it all while I stood there hopeless and hibernated away because I didn't know what to do and she is all depressed and emotional everyday just everything is happening lately... This was Christmas Eve at 4am and that is when I lost it and relapsed and have been cutting everyday a few times a day and today I decided to Carve the WORD FREAK on my thighs! I don't know how much longer I can take.... :'(
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18-21, F
Jan 11, 2013