And I Don't Talk About It

Because it makes all those thoughts come rushing back in. But since you people understand...I have carved fat, selfish, weak, worthless, worthless, worthless, hope into my skin. And the words aren't there anymore, but I can't forget about them.
poeticprose poeticprose
18-21, F
2 Responses Aug 3, 2013

I can tell you that I to have carved into my own flesh, for many years the word "Alone" was carved into my left arm, it has since faded but i know it was there and I could still see the scare tissue... I have also branded myself in the past , with the word " Useless" which it to has faded ... I have cut into myself , pierced myself , Tattooed myself..... I have also regretted so many of these things that I have done to myself...Having hate towards yourself is one of the hardest things to live with and I have been living with it for as long as I could remember... Do not hate your self and use such angry words to etch into your skin...... Please , I do understand and I know how much one could hurt but if you don't learn to love your self for who you are the pain will never me

I know what you mean, trust me, you cant see the word I carved but you can ee scares. im to am a cutter. and if you need a friend im here for you.