is the word i have carved into my skin. every letter is now a full scar and will always be a perment rmeinder as to what i truly am. i am worthless and i always will be

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You are not worthless. No one is. To me, you are not. No matter what other people or you think you are worth a lot. Just like every other human being. Please stay strong. Do it for me!

i beg to differ.

Your not worthless... no one is!<br />
If you have the courage to share your story, then you've just helped the world a heck of a lot more that about 60% of people! People will learn from this, and you taught them.<br />
<br />
Your worth at least that, though i'm sure even more!

i know! i hate it when someone asks can i see your scars. i get so embreast and ashamed. some pepole even grab my wrist and hurt me in the prosses becuase the cuts still hurt

yea. i didnt know u craved that into your skin