When I was in the middle of my depression, before I got help, I would carve words like "HATE", "STUPID" and "DEAD" on my thighs. Whatever I believed I used it against myself. I told myself over and other again that it was what I deserved and that I should never forget it. It was a constant reminder of the way I felt about myself and what I would think others thought about me. They were my labels...

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You're not any of those things.. As you may have seen through other people's comments some people care. Depression can really get to you. I know because I've been through it myself. Please be strong. Do it for me!

ive felt the same way. i never carved words into my flesh, but i did try to hurt myself as bad as possible to make myself feel something other than pain. i still do although no one really knows.

Yeah I am getting help, thank you<br />
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I am trying to learn that they are not my labels but as you probably know, it so very hard to learn once you have lived with them so close :(

honey, no matter what you did or thought you did, you never deserved to hurt yourself. and it won't help, either. <br />
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depression is an awful disease and so difficult to overcome once it has its grips on you. have you sought help? talk to a doctor, or ask for some meds that will help you through it? there is no shame in needing help, i know this from experience.<br />
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those aren't your labels. they may have been your depression's labels, but not yours.

i do hope that they have faded or will fade over time