I do not wish to use the subject's real name, for her protection. I will call her Jane. This is the true story of an exorcism I performed on Jane. We were the only two people in the house at the time.

I was woken up at three in the morning by a whisper. Through a clenched jaw Jane wispered again - 'help me' was what she said. She had been trying to choke out the words for an hour. I looked at her, trying to figure out what was wrong. Her expression changed from fear to anger, then back to fear. I could feel the evil manifesting, and I knew it was a demonic presence. I immediately began praying and ordering the demon away in the name of Jesus. Jane's reaction was shocking. She bacame furious, angry, violent all at once. She was screeching sometimes words I could not understand, sometimes just sounds. She clawed at me with her nails, tried to kick and bite me. I was forced to hold her down forcefully to protect both of us. Suddenly, the Holy Spirit came upon me, and I spoke with a more commanding voice and tone than I thought I was capable of. I knew what to say and how to say it - the knowledge was simply in my head. I ordered the demon out of Jane, in the Name of The Living God - Father Son and Holy Spirit. It was suddenly quiet in the room. I noticed how dark it was, the light had gone out. Jane's eyes were tired and full of fear. She grabbed me in a huge bear-hug, tears streaming down her face saying over and over again "Is it gone? Is it over?" I saw the clock - it now read 3:45 am, almost an hour from when the ordeal began. Jane told me later that she did not see me when the Holy Spirit came over me, she saw an angel, and a shining light blinding her. She remembers very little of the experience to this day, but that is the detail that stands out the most in her mind. I remember something similar, a dark shadow with eyes over her.

Believe me when I say that the movie "The Exorcism of Emily Rose" got it right. Nearly every detail was absolutely correct.

VincentValentine VincentValentine
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Good job man ^_^ two thumbs up ^_^

In reply to EnJoyLife7:

This was an emergency, and I am an exorcism and deliverance minister - a trained professional, and I do this as well as spiritual warfare counseling full time.

Your post seems to be lecturing someone who does not know what they are doing, a dabbler in exorcism. I hope it is directed at the potential audience of this story and not me, as if it were directed at me it would be both presumptuous and condescending. I am a professional and an expert in all forms of spiritual warfare, including exorcism and deliverance.

It sounds from your post, particularly regarding you experience in this area that you deal mostly in deliverance from demonic oppression, which is completely different from demonic possession. In cases of possession, people can exhibit supernatural powers (remember the man Jesus cast demons out of at the graveyard was able to break iron chains with ease, and in another Biblical account a man levitated off the ground); and I deal more in freeing people from full on possession, although many people who come to me have an oppression with can simply be prayed away and the person is delivered very quickly.

Many movies have grains of truth, and at least three that I know of are very accurate, the most well known of which is 'The Exorcism of Emily Rose'. People let the demons have power through their own actions, and once they decide to repent and give their lives to God those demons must be cast out and they must be counseled and delivered from further oppression and possession. The individual in the story above had dabbled in various religions, including but not limited to Wicca. The demons in her manifested when she sought out a means of salvation and became Christian. She would not have been saved without an exorcism - this is one of the ways Jesus rescues His lost sheep.

With respect to your ministry and your experience in that ministry, there are some things that you are simply not correct about. I am guided by God in all things relating to my ministry and my mission, and do my very best to be so in all other aspects of my life as well. I don't want to nitpick or start an argument with you, but for example (one example out of potentially several in your post), Jezebel and kundalini are not demons / devils. Jezebel was a wicked murderous woman in the Bible, and while there may be demonic entities called 'Jezebel spirits' that is simply referring to the character of the demons, not their literal name. Kundalini is a state (a quite torturous state to be sure) that people are sometimes afflicted with when participating in transcendental meditation and / or yoga, and is no doubt caused by demons, but again it is not the name of a demon or a devil. The topic of leviathan is debatable, and Ahab was also a man in the Bible, similar to the above explanation about Jezebel. When I say that I am an expert, I am not boasting I am stating a fact. And that fact makes it easier for people to approach me for help. When your very soul is on the firing line, you need an expert. Jesus has made many people experts in various ministerial positions, and it is through Him, His authority, and His completed work on the cross that I can honestly call myself an expert. There is no need to boast or brag in any area of life, the simple Truth suffices in all situations including this one.

Thank you for reading, and do keep an open mind.

I agree with the contents in your reply and my post was not directional at you but at the people who may be reading it. I was well aware of your standing and glad you beleive in deliverance and helping people be free.

Demonic oppression is different from demonic possession and I deal with both though my post may have suggested otherwise. You are right, people can and do exhibit supernatural powers I have encountered that many times over the years.

I have come across many cases of demonic possession and they have been delivered from such things as wicca, satanism etc and yes they need further counsel and help to be free from further oppression/possession and your comments on kundalini, jezebel, etc are correct.I teach exactly the same as you quoted about those things.

I agree with all the comments in your post and to those who seek help from demons they do need an expert, though like yourself I am one, I don't usually need to say as those I meet already know I am qualified in Jesus to help them.

Yes, Jesus has made many people experts in various ministerial positions but as you say, keep an open mind. We never stop learning.

Blessing to you again,

AH, very good, I am glad we understand each other. It is rare to encounter someone else who knows the things I know. Please be blessed.

I'm glad also and I agree it is rare to encounter someone who knows
the things we do concerning Spiritual warfare, exorcism etc.
I'm pleased to have met you and thank you, I am blessed.
I look forward to reading through the rest of your posts.

I'm new here and It's good to find someone else in the same profession.
God bless your ministry and as always, you have my prayers.

thank you

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Hi, Just read your account and glad you believe in deliverance. May i just share a few thoughts I had. Firstly, I am glad she got free but I was a little concerned that you performed this on your own with a member of the opposite sex. Seems unwise to me, unless it is an emergency. I usually bind the demon and arrange for someone else to come as it is in my experience less traumatic for the individual. Not meaning to be critical just my view on the matter.<br />
<br />
I'm a Pastor/Deliverance Minister and don't usually perform any deliverance on my own and like to have a witness and prayer cover. When dealing with the demonic you need to be pure, prepared and called of God. God trained me over a period of at least 15 years alongside my Pastor/Leaders. I was blessed to be given by God someone who I was mentored and trained alongside. <br />
<br />
We were not taught by watching TV/Movies that in some cases can seem to glamorise deliverance and/or give it a bad name as it looks or is traumatic. It doesn't have to be this way. Deliverance does not have to be or look scary.Demons can be violent but deliverance should not be traumatic for the individual. <br />
<br />
We have been given authority and power in the name and the blood of the Lord Jesus Christ as obedient born-again believers to command any demon to be quiet, stop manifesting and to come out and go where the Lord Jesus Christ commands it.<br />
<br />
No shouting is necessary as they are not deaf and the process is not scary or traumatic done this way. Demons like attention and I don't allow them any. I speak the word and they are cast out quickly and quietly, including ones of witchcraft and satanism. Jesus is Lord and they have to obey.In my experience the person can be set free without difficulty if they have been properly prepared beforehand with repentance and renouncements. So called Holy Water, Crosses, Crucifixes are not necessary and it's not in the word of God to use holy water anyway, Jesus never did. His word and power of His name and His blood is sufficient. Though I am aware some ministers use holy water, crosses, crufixes etc especially if they do it the catholic way but I choose not to.<br />
<br />
Deliverance done in my Ministry is only for those who have a genuine born-again experience, have repented of their sin and seeking to live a righteous lifestyle. It is not for non-Christians.<br />
<br />
No one who comes to us for deliverance is traumatised or shocked by tactics of demons. They are fully prepared to know what to expect and is nothing like in the movies because we do not let the demons have such control, and with someone else with me it gives an opportunity for the gifts of the Holy Spirit to be in operation and confirm any word the Lord gives.It is important we ask Him anything we need to know.<br />
<br />
We feel anyone doing deliverance needs someone to be accountable to and risks being out of their depth if they are not mature in the Lord and had adequate supervised training and teaching. Courses on the Internet by themselves are not sufficient. You ideally need to be mentored alongside a mature believer who is already practicing and if you are called to deliverance you can ask God to provide someone. I did and did not attempt any deliverance until I knew I was a safe and qualified minister, which is not a quick process.<br />
<br />
I've been doing Deliverance for over 25 years and teach and minister on subjects pertaining to deliverance such as demon groupings, signs of demonisation, keeping your freedom, types of manifestations, and specific demons such as Jezebel, Leviathan, Belial, Kundalini, Ahab, Apollyon etc etc Though I do preach and teach on other topics as I'm a Pastor of a Church also.<br />
<br />
I do not call myself an expert or a professional as I feel there is only one person who fits that qualification and it is the Lord Jesus Christ of Nazareth himself. All the Glory goes to Him and not to me.<br />
<br />
I've read with interest some of your posts and glad you have a desire to see people set free. You are right it is not for amateurs and can be dangerous. It is good you have done research but ultimately it is discernment from the Holy Spirit that is always needed as no one in my experience 100% fits a text book scenario. <br />
<br />
Thank-you for sharing your experience. I'm glad to meet someone else who believes in deliverance. May you be richly blessed and you'll be in my prayers.<br />
<br />
Blessings in our Lord Jesus,<br />

Give the man a break and get over yourself a little bit. In the end it's God's power that sets men free. We just the ambassadors he sends in to proclaim his work. Be aware of demons by the thousands will beg and flee at just the sight of your appearance. In all, his bravery and trust in God and care for his friend is a love and action that is highly commended in my father's name

Thank you, doovoo.

A lot of things in fact.

This is one of the things that interest me/scared the bejebuz out of me. (if that makes sense)<br />
<br />
A long time ago, I didn't believe in demon possession. I am a psychology graduate and I believed it could all be accounted for with mental illness. I can remember in our abnormal psych class, our professor would show us clips of exorcisms and have us compare/contrast the symptoms of the victim to schizophrenia, schizoaffective disorder, and so on. The 3 am was discussed.. The professor said something like "you are in a state in which your REM cycle..." that's all I can remember about that.<br />
It just made sense to me that it would be a mental disorder of some kind instead of said demons.<br />
<br />
Then my beliefs started to change. When I started to become very sick I changed. (I have some psychosis experience posted) I believe this thing can go hand in hand. When you stray away and open yourself to things (not necessarily things outside of Christianity as stated above me) that you came make yourself become prey. I would have never said this if I had not gotten so sick before and saw the things I saw; did the things I did. My mom saw it in me. I turned to drugs to make it go "away" which indeed "help" (so I thought). <br />
<br />
If you see the comments on the video, about the seizure, my mother said the same. A long time ago I posted an experience (you can probably view it in my history) about me having a seizure coming off of opiates and benzos. She said she has never seen anything like that. Afterwards, you are to be laid on your side as "ooze" comes out of you like you'd never think!! It was all sorts of colors.<br />
<br />
Most can probably argue with me about this experience. I won't rebuke them either. I am very open minded; however, I know what I did and what I saw. I can only speak for myself.<br />
<br />
I never had changes in voices as the video portrays (I couldn't watch it, it almost made me pee myself!)

You are right some mental sickness is due to old age and dying which is demon related in its origin. Mental sickness and disorders that come to otherwise young and healthy people are quite often demon brought. It is the demon's wish that we treat them as medical cases to further torture the individual who is suffering.

Wow...if only people actually believed that demons were real and that they DO NOT want to be our friends they would stop all this dabbling with wicca and other practices that leave them open to demonic possession.<br />
The 3a.m part got me. I've almost always been attacked at or around that time as well.

Yep that's right. Amen to that. Make a deal with a demon is a blood deal it will run through your bloodline to your children's children and they will pay up for your deal. People don't respect that unfortunately.

very creepy;

*watching*<br />
<br />
woah.... they did use portions of the actual recording in the movie. I had heard that.<br />
<br />
The experience of it... was frightening as well.

You said...The experience of it...was frightening as well.

It doesn't have to be - there is a way to do deliverance so the demons do not
manifest so much like that. - there is always a deeper level in God to move up to and a greater anointing to operate in so nothing is frightening and demons shut up in a matter of minutes. I understand they can do scary things but with us - they are not allowed such control, they are stopped.

You do not understand a full-blown possession then. They are allowed as much control as the person gave them through their actions, which in many cases is 100% control over the person, with manifestations of demonic power as well. You must deal with oppression, not possession. They are two separate situations.

What an amazing testimony! The 3am bit is all to firmilar in my life : (<br />
<br />
I agree with you on what you said about exorcism of emily rose.