Confused And Befuzzled

edSince I was 15 years old I have had these weird episodes that I would lose total control of my muscles when I would laugh. Not just any laugh though it was usually something very funny and unexpected. When I was younger I never really thought much of it I don’t know why I didn’t, when obviously it was very strange. It didn’t happen very often when i was younger though. Not until these last two years has it really started picking up. It really has started to worry me I did it three times in less than ten minutes the other day. One of the episodes the other day was like 15 to 20 seconds, and the amount of time wouldn’t bother me soo much of I didn’t have a lot of trouble breathing during it. Actually I live with my best friend and dint really think much of these attacks until she saw one. She got really scared and I could hear her and everything but I could control my muscles to say anything. I just had to sit there until it passed. Witch on average they usually only last 10 seconds. But if I am sitting down when it happens my head goes to the side or forward my arms go lax my back kind of slumps forward too. My eyes must flicker I am not sure. If I am standing up I usually always fall over just kind of collapse my knees buckle and I can’t make myself stop it. I try to control it but the most I can do is raise my head maybe a half inch off the ground but it is almost immediately back on the ground again. I think in the whole five years I have had these attacks I have had a total of 50 to 60 attacks but they seem to becoming more frequent. I know its usually related to narcolepsy but I don’t think I have that. Although I do have some sleep issues. I do have a question on narcolepsy, when you do have narcolepsy do you always have the spells of falling asleep throughout the day. Because I have never experienced that and someone told me you have to have that to be narcoleptic. I have always had trouble waking up in the mornings though even when I was little I was very irritable waking up and I always felt a little more tired then I felt I should. In the recent years though when I go to bed or lay down I will be laying there thinking I am awake when really I am asleep. My friend one time woke me up because she said I was really snoring loud and I got really irritated about it and I told her I wasn’t sleeping that I was awake the whole time. I thought I was really awake which is scary because she said I had been asleep for at least an hour. This has happened numerous times. I do not have insurance to go to the doctor to get checked and was wondering if anyone has any ideas about this. If anyone thinks I have cataplexy or narcolepsy. Suggestions comments ect would be really helpful. Thank you in advance sorry its soo long. o yah and I am adopted so I don’t know family history with these kind of things.

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O ok thank you good idea.