I Have 3 Dogs and 7 Cats

I obviously am an animal lover.  As stated above I have 3 Dogs, King (shepherd/chow mix), Maggie (cocker spaniel) and Alex (jack russel mix) and 7 cats - Lita, Angel, Mischief, Isis, Apollo, Peyton and Hanna.  They range in age from almost 9 yrs. to 8 mo.  They defiantly keep me on my toes.  Fortunately I don't work so I have plenty of time to spend with them as they are all spoiled. 

I would have to say that Alex is the most demanding.  He is the "baby" of the dogs.  He turned 1 in Feb. and he can throw and tantrum when he don't get what he wants when he wants it.  It's rather comical.  King is my protector.  He is very laid back until it comes time for step up to the plate.  Maggie is my only girl - dog wise.  She is definitely my little princess.

Lita is the oldest of the cats - well all the animals actually.  She is queen bee and she lets everyone know it.  Angel is moody with the other cats but the most affectionate.  Mischief is just plain ole' mean.  Isis is our petite little snowflake.  Apollo thinks he's boss but nobody pays much attention to him.  Peyton is our "stoner". And then there's Hanna.  Hanna is the baby of the bunch and she is WILD.  She has the beautiful bug eyes and she is just something else.

Well, I would love to hear all about your babies.

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Somehow I managed to comment to myself when I meant to comment to you. I don't think I will ever figure out how this works (newbie). Anyhooo...to make it brief in case it repeats, thank you for responding and for rescuing the babies that you have. All of mine are also rescued, fixed and inside only. Wouldn't have it any other way. I applaud you. Have a great day.

Thank you for responding. Always nice to talk with a fellow animal lover. All of my animals are fixed and all of my cats are indoor only - the dogs too. Except for potty of course. All of our animals were rescued in one way or another be it off the street or from a bad living situation. I would like to to say thank you for your part in rescuing your babies. Have a good one.

So glad to hear about your furfamily and want to thank you for loving and caring for seven cats. That's a nice little family. Our family is a little larger and everyone was rescued, fixed, and lives indoors only. Thanks for sharing your story!