My Doctor Would Not Listen To Me When I Told Him I Had Bowel And Bladder Incontinence After Discectomy

i underwent a discectomy aug. 2011. I kept reporting to the Neurosurgeon that I was experiencing incontienence x2 . He blamed it on medications. I finally, almost one year later got a referal to a urologist who helped by using Instastim therapy. That is a nerve stimulator box implanted in you butt, to stimulate your nerves to work. That worked very well, however I am still having major pain in my lower back, and left thigh, with numbness on the top of my foot.

Workmans comp has been very good to me and paying for everything, however the doctor is still saying my symptoms are not cauda equina syndrome, but incontance due to narcodic medications? really? I still have a recurrent herniation with a tear, but live in a small town and all the doctors stick together. I only heard of cauda equina syndrome 2 days ago! I am sooooo disapointed, as i thought one more surgery would simply "fix the problem" and be able to go on with my life!

I am very frustrated. Does anyone know a good doctor in any state that can help me!
kathy777 kathy777
51-55, F
May 8, 2012