My Cauda Equina Syndrome Could Of Been Avoided!!! Does Anyone Have A Good Dr They Could Recommend?

I had surgery for torn disk. (discectomy), immediatly after surgery (day 3) I had bowel, urine, and no feeling in my saddle area. The Doctor kept telling me it was due to narcodic pain meds, or possibly a breach baby i had 26 years ago! He and his "dr." friends refuse the diagnosis of caudia equina syndrome. I now have a reherniation of a disc, and a small tear.

If the doctor had addressed the issue within 1-2 weeks my cauda equina syndrome could of been avoided!

Does anyone know a good dr. that could help me with the reherniation and tear? I live in Alaska, however am willing to travel anywhere to get the best treatment!

please help!!!!!
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2 Responses May 8, 2012

See the neurosurgeons at Duke University in Durham NC. They are wonderful.

You poor girl, I wish I could help, but I am in the UK and suffering like you from the affects of this awful matter. I got my cauda equina from the operations that were carried out in order to rid me of sciatic pain.. ha, well could have lived with that, rather than this lack of feeling down below and everything gone to pot.. wearing pads is no joke either, so I do know what you are feeling.. being able to drive has saved my sanity.. but its hard living with it nonetheless... best wishes, J