My Slow Onset Of A Nightmare Ces

Hi there I'm a 28 guy that 3 months ago began a nightmare that I pray for some day it'll finish.
I'd never had a backache, used to do exercise often, since I was 11, no smoke, no alcohol, no drugs.
One day I was at gym at a pillates ball, making some abs workout and after that I began to feel an strange sensation from my waist to my feet. I wasn't really scared, and thought it was a consecuence of taking some protein pills and excesive exercise.
I left gym for about 3 days, but the parestesia did not leave. So, I began to look for medical asistance and went to family orthopedist. She told me that didn't think It was a serious problem, and I needed some rest...
I tried to make my life.
One month after, had an MRI that inclusive says that I have a mild disc protusion at l5-s1 and a bulged disc l4-l5 with no problems at the cauda equina <------ had no words about that radiologist diagnosis.
I felt my condition was not a simple herniated disc, so, looked for another orthopedist, 2 neurosurgeons, and all they told me that my condition wasn't serious, inclusive of genital parestesia.
There is no information or a forum in spanish (I'm from Mexico City) about slow onset of CES; inclusive all medical text says that if there is no bowel or bladder disfunction, it can't be considered as CES...
But in some forums in english, I found that CES can be incomplete, and can be a syndrome that can be fully installed months after the trauma.
So, I began a nervous crisis. I had a diagnosis made by myself, and a group of speciallized doctors that have no idea of my problem.
Indeed, my family told me lots of times that I was an hypochondriac, that I was creating my symptoms in my mind...
A charlatan neurosurgeon suggest me, that if I had so much pain, he could do an endoscopic surgery, I asked him if my condition was a CES, and he answered me with total serenity and security that it wasn't.
I was about to agree to the endoscopic surgery, but my sister, and something inside told me to look for a second opinion.
So, we went to other orthopedic surgeon, specialized on back surgery.
At his consulting room, I only had to tell him 2 symptoms, and without seeing the MRI, he immediately told me that I had a slow onset CES...
So, 1 1/2 weeks ago, and 3 months of pain, and more than 6 specialist, since the begining of the nightmare, I had a complicated laminectomy / discectomy of the l4-l5-s1 levels
By a God's miracle (I have no other explanation) CES didn't affect my bowel and bladder. I still feel pain in my right foot, that was the most affected, a mild saddle/genital parestesia, but not sexual disfunction. Hope that those discomfort will go out with time.
As a lesson, I learn that we have no to trust entirely on doctors, if I would do, certainly I would be on serious problems.
I hope my experience was useful and I send best wishes by all those people that have to be through this problem. It is not so bigger than us!
Pakechi Pakechi
26-30, M
1 Response Jan 14, 2013

I fractured my sacrum two months ago. Now I feel like some one has tied a rope around my hips and is pulling me down. It's a hard sensation to describe--almost like I'm not quite connected to my lower half. I am numb around the gluteal cleft. I experience "saddle anesthesia" after sitting for an hour or so. Last week, after sitting at work all day, I could only lift my feet about a foot off the floor. It wasn't painful--my legs just wouldn't do it. I'm going to the spine doctor tomorrow. I am hoping that it is piriformis syndrome, but I am really worried about CES.

Thanks for sharing your story. I also have family members that make me feel like I'm imagining things. *sigh*