Ces Began In 1996 With Spinal Cord Cysts Removal Improved But Now Bladder, Hips ,bruises

Well, they waited 9 years after my legs collapsed under me until removing 5 inches of tailbone and vertebrae, 2 large cysts, before removal I acquired a burning icy hot pain with pins and needles in lower legs, numbness, weakness during first 6 years. This severely affected my art career, social life, and socioeconomic status. Then the tailbone region began severely hurting, they removed things in 2005, not before my complete and chronic constipation began.Not before I lost my friends, support of my spiritual group, my potential to support myself with my art(i was beginning to do very well, actually studied my area, improved, and worked after I lost use of legs) then became afflicted RSD. My grammar suffers, bear with me, please.
Now, 2013, I am experiencing severe hip pain since about 2011, now have unexplained bruising at connective tissue regions,, 2 years after it has become hip weakness. Past 9 months I have been with neurogenic bladder, causing toxicity, infections, bloating causing more spine pain..and so on. I still can't get the correct diagnosis. Altho I have had 3 vertebrae and tailbone removed, my doctor sometimes tells me my pain is due to disc pressure on lower spine, yup.Where I have no discs.
Many different types of nerve medications and 17 years of suffering have given me a very unique view on life, experts, physicians, addiction blasphemy and what constitutes a successful life/day for myself.
As of Jan 2013 I am fighting to get the spinal cord stimulator put in, especially because with urinary retention causing toxicity,I am unable to tolerate much of Any medication.
I am still a very serious commercial type artist but only as a hobby and not much in past 6 weeks. disability
Looking to connect with people who live with this longterm. I have had 17 years of this. Thank you for reading!!!
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Hi goldenthyger13
I believe that God gives the hardest proofs to the ones that can face them. So your story about your courage and daily fight for 17 years (it sounds easy, but it's not at all) it's very inspirational for those people who have begun to face this misunderstood even-for-doctors-illness. Thanks for keep inspiring us, thanks for keep fighting.
I'd love to get in touch with you and with other people in this site, my e mail address is yopakechi@gmail.com
Thanks for reading and God bless you.