A Miracle..

I was just diagnosed with CES secondary to spinal cord AV Fistula 2 months ago. I was supposed to be Embolized last Tuesday but after another MRI & angiogram check, a miracle happened. My body had healed itself (spontaneous thrombosis). I noticed some improvements since I got ot of the hospital. Some of my toes can move now and i can walk with a walking frame much easier now without using much of my arms muscle to support my weight. I can also feel my legs getting stronger but besides that, everything else like my bowel still remains the same.

Can anyone here advise me on what to do next? Will I get back to my normal self and how long will it take?
qayum qayum
41-45, M
1 Response Jan 24, 2013

Did you get any radiation on the back? My dad has ces and is in t
he hospital