My Wife Had Sex With Her Lover And A Stranger In The Mens Room Of A Local Park

We were 3 years into our marriage when this happened.  After our honeymoon, my wife and I agreed that she would have other men as lovers.  I didn't know it at the time but I am, what most would call, a cuckold. This happened when we were both 23 years old in 1987. 

At the time my wife had a steady lover that she had been seeing for 6 months.  He was married and he used my wife for sex since his wife didnt enjoy having sex anymore.  She met him at a bar when she was out with her gfs (my wife was the first of her gfs to marry).

He called my wife the night before and told her to meet him at a local park at 2pm the next day.  I drove her to meet him at the park.  There were rules - I was to remain in the car while he had sex with her.

It was a hot and humid August day - near 95 degrees.  My wife was wearing a pair of very short jean shorts, some very sexy lace panties and a t-shirt with no bra. 

We pulled up in a remote parking lot in rear of the park.  His car was parked close to the jogging path and the path that led to the bathroom.  She went to his car to meet him.  He took her hand and walked her into the mens room.  I couldnt believe he was taking her into a public mens room.  I remember being so hard watching her walk into a mens bathroom (her first time ever in a mens room).  They were in the mens room for about 5 minutes or so when another car pulled into the parking lot.  A guy got out - he looked like he was dressed to go for a run - was wearing jogging shorts, mesh tshirt and running shoes - he looked built and buff.  He started stretching and I thought he was going to start jogging on the running path but instead he walked down the path toward the mens room.  I was paniced now because I knew my wife and her lover were in the mens room having sex.  Who knows what this guy was going to do if he saw them - he might get into a fight with her lover or call the cops.  I waited, and waited, and waited but the other man did not come out either.

My mind was going crazy - my wife was in the bathroom with her lover and another man - I couldn't take it anymore so I got out of the car and walked toward the bathroom.  As I got close I could hear multiple deep mens voices and then heard my wife moaning.  I then heard the mens voices laughing, saying things like, "yeah **** that *****" and calling her names like "****, *****, take it, etc."  I wanted to go in but I knew she would be mad if I did.

I went back to the car and waited.  After another 10 minutes both guys came out of the mens room at the same time - both were smiling.  My wifes lover got into his car and drove away.  The other man started running down the jogging path. 

I looked at the mens room door waiting and a minute later my wife came out.  She was a complete mess - her clothes and hair were soaking wet.  Her nipples were hard and clearly visible thru her white tshirt. She smiled as she approached the car. 

I asked her how she got wet and what happened. She told me that her lover brought her into the mens room.  She said the mens room was dirty and nasty and smelled like urine.  He had to pee so he brought my wife to the urinal with him.  He told her to unzip his pants and pull out his **** and hold it as he peed.  She admitted that she had never seen a urinal and it was fun holding his **** as he peed.  As soon as he was done he told her to get on her knees and suck him - right at the urinal.  She said when she knelt down she felt something under her knees - it was a small puddle of urine on the floor at the base of the urinal.  As she put his soft **** in her mouth he told her he saved some pee and was going to finishing ******* in her mouth and that she would drink his pee.  She told me she was scared but did as she was told and actually admitted that it really didnt taste that bad. After he was done peeing he told her to start sucking him.  She is very good at oral sex and loved gving bjs.  She was giving her lover a nice long bj when the other guy came in.  He watched them for a few seconds and then walked over to my wife, pulled down his jogging shorts and put his **** next to her face. She looked up at her lover and he said "suck him".  I was floored she she told me - she was in a public mens room giving a bj to a complete stranger.  As she was started going down on this stranger, he took a water container that he had with him, unscrewed the lid and poured the water over her head and all over her body - completely soaking her.  She admitted it felt good because it was so hot in the mens room.

Her lover then told her to stand up and take off her wet clothes. He then bend her over at the waist and started ******* her from behind. The other guy moved in front of her and put her hands on his hips.  He then told her to suck him - and she moved down and started giving him oral as her lover was ******* her from behind.  This was her first 2some ever.  Her lover continued to **** her from behind as the other guy was raming his **** down her throat.  Her lover orgasmed inside of her and pulled out after he was done.  He told her to "finish off" the other guy so she dropped to her knees and continued to suck the other man until he orgasmed in her mouth  Both men got off and left the mens room leaving her kneeliong on the floor, her lovers *** dripping from her ***** and her mouth full of strangers ***.

She then gathered her wet clothes from the floor and put them on.  We drove home after and I helped her out of her wet clothes.  I then told her to lay on the bed and I gave her oral so she could feel satisfied and have an ****** too.

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my pleasure

thanks seabow

shorty - i'm ok with our relationship - its always been like this so i dont know any differently. i love her dearly and i will never leave her - sex is just 1 thing we dont share - its ok, many couples have things they do apart.<br />
<br />
psujim - she is sub - she has done some things to please her dom men that arent what others would normally do

that was cool story

you think someone peeing in her mouth is cool? stupid.. I understand your wife wanting to have sex with aonther man... but doing it in a dirty - germ filled place and them swallowing ****..<br />
<br />
not good...

If you aren't "good sexually"with your wife, you need to dump her and get a different one. You need to figure out just when it was that you became emasculated, go to the place where it took place and recover your genitals. There are so many fish in the sea that NOBODY needs to destroy their self esteem as you have done.

yes - its amazing - i've seen so many men inside of my wife....she enjoys them all!

I have the same feelings for my wife. I want her to be totally satisfied in bed. It is her desire to have another mans **** in her and I like to fulfill her fantisies. But I am always with her. I would never let her do something that might be dangerous to her saftey. besides I like to watch and she likes me being there to watch as she satisfies and is stisfied by another man.

I don't insist she have sex with other men - she wants it and we both agreed it would be best for our marriage. i know i'm not very good sexually and want her to be satisfied - that wouldnt happen with me so other men provide that satisfaction for her. we still love each other very much. this happened many years ago when we were younger but occassionally she will be with a very dom male who will do similar things with her.

I should, but find little sympathy for you. My women are much more valuable to me than that. If nothing else, offer a place for her to be safe and protected, since you insist she have sex with others.<br />
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