Celiac Desease

Hi, I live in Indonesia where the food products & medicines have no labels about gluten free or not, so it is hard to do the free-gluten diet.
After many years suffered with mouth ulcers (fulfilled my mouth) everyday, rheumatics, eczema etc since I was a child until now, and doctors here in my country not familiar with celiac desease, finally 2 weeks ago a doctor advised me to stop eating gluten and dairy products.
There were some times I did not feel the pain of mouth ulcers because doctors here always gave me a medicine called kenalog. Last month I stopped to use this, because I finally got information that this medicine contains kortikosteroid that can make the desease worse.
It is very hard to do the free-gluten diet in Indonesia, but my husband really support & help me. I have been trying to do the diet and finally get the result. Last week my weight was only 40,05 kgs but today increased into 41,85 kgs so I gain 1,8 kgs in 1 week. I feel much better because my mouth ulcers are now reduced so I can eat,talk and drink normally, although some mouth ulcers are still available inside lips,around tongue and few on throat.
I hope someone would share experience, how long to release the pain (example to be cured from mouth ulcers or other pain) after doing the gluten-free diet?
*sorry for my bad english. Thank you so much for reading.
sawitri sawitri
26-30, F
May 8, 2012