not eating foods with gluten isnt so mad the first month was hard but now that i am used to what i can and cant eat im fine. the think i hate is when i get the joint and mucle pain i feel like i cant do anything and when i work to much i feel it exspeshaly in my back and knees i have tryed to keep up with a work out regement where i run every day and i have built up my tolerance quiet a bit so i can run for 20 minutes with minimul pain the next day im still working on my self i eventaly wish to live a pain free life !

does any one else get the bad aces and pains from celiacs disease?
nicole518 nicole518
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1 Response Sep 10, 2012

i don't really have much pain but please tell me how did you start the gluten free eating. does stopping the bread, pizza, and things make alot of difference? with food not really displaying gluten free on the label fronts its been hard for me to get home from the grocery without something with gluten in it. what shopping tips can you give me?