I Need Shopping Help!

I was diagnosed about a month ago and i get it about the wheat products. then someone else told me about coatings. he said think of gluten like glue.  if something has a coating on it  probably it has gluten to make the coating stick.  that makes perfect sense if it's actually correct.  but what else?  what other tips and/or tricks are out there to help me do my grocery shopping?  As hard as i try i still get home with things i shouldn't eat.  any and all comments appreciated!
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4 Responses Dec 11, 2012

ok so, not EVERYTHING that has a coating is gluten butttttttt make sure you can 100% ensure it is gluten free i learned that the hard way!!!

If you want to know more about the BBVI challenge ask me we are Gluten Free but certainly not taste Free

I'd love to know more about it. i'd also love to chat with you but i simply don't know how to get started. lol.

i have found that lots of groceries stores have printed lists of all their gluten free products. just ask you never know. Gluten is the protein in wheat and yes it is sticky and gives food its structure. stick to rice corn and potato based items. be careful of dressings and gravies that may contain wheat. when you look at a food label it will say this item contains wheat right on it.

thanks so much!

One thing that has helped me, is go back to bare essentials. Veggies, fruits and lean meat. When you go grocery shopping, your cart should be full of mostly fresh foods! Until you get the hang of things. I still get frustrated while shopping, but seriously spending the extra time to read the labels are worth it. Also you can find a lot of flours that are gluten free, like all purpose flours. But honestly I would stay away from breads right now till ya get the hang of what to use or what not.

thank you!