I am posting this more for advise then any thing else as I may have celiac disease but am yet to have blood test to found out for sure I was just wondering how importent it is to found out

I had blood test about 6 months ago to found out why I had been loseing lots of weight and was ill a lot these test came back as my viterme d was very low so my doctor told me that I needed to have more blood test as this is a sign of celiac disease I am yet to have these test as after reading things online it has scared me abit and I also don't have a supportive family that if Ido have it would help me ect and also I can't afford to change my diet which many of the website say u have to do

Thank u x
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Hi Emily, I hope by now you have found out whether or not you are coeliac. I was really angry and scared when I first was diagnosed, but after 2 months off of gluten I felt so much better! My asthma improved, my hayfever went away, I lost weight as I stopped eating takeaway foods and felt healthier as I ate more vegetables and fruit. I had to go back to gluten for a second biopsy and it was immediately obvious how much better I was without the gluten, and I really didn't want to eat things like pasta as they seemed thick, globby and tasted terrible. You really do get used to eating well and looking after yourself. Please let me know if you are still struggling!

Dudette, OK you are not alone, everything is chill so take a deep breath. :-) Lots of people are being diagnosed with Celiac disease. Some of these people have a very severe allergy to the protein in wheat and grain products. It makes them very sick and can kill them over time. Others are diagnosed but they really just need a change in diet and less stress. When the human race began farming and cultivating the land some people were sensitive to the "fruits of this labor" so to speak. We were not intended to eat as we do. What you need to do now is realize that you are one of these people who needs a special diet. If you are having loose bowel movements and diarrhea or blood in the stool then you need to act now. Slowly eliminate/change foods until you find the culprit. A doctor can assist you with this by giving you a list of commonly problematic foods. If it really is that wheat gluten then you need to shop different! Asain rice noodles are cheap and tasty, many foods are naturally gluten free and much less expensive than brand name foods that sport the "gluten free" label. Educate yourself via the web, and random google searches until you feel less stressed. STRESS is a killer, in many ways. Focus on the positive things in life and be glad that you are finding an answer even if it means changing your diet. Change can be a good thing. Wishing you the best, try not to fret. Like I said- everyone's got worries and every body works differently. Find your balance and stay healthy and strong. Best wishes- Holly