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I was diagnosed with celiac disease about 2 years ago. i didnt really experience any stomach problems but i was sleeping almost 20 hours everyday and was extremely exhausted and basically thought i was dying. interestingly enough i thought i had a hormone imbalance. my gynecologist was the first one to suggest i may have a malabsorption problem because my iron levels in my blood were extremely low. after going to an endocrinologist it was confirmed through blood tests i had celiac disease. i didnt complain much about having to change my diet and take supplements but it took almsot 8 months for me to feel normal again. about 6 months ago i had an endoscopy to definitively diagnose me. since being diagnosed i have learned what i can and cannot eat. it also helped me figure out my life path and i am studying to be a nutritionist! i love to cook so i have actually been able to figure out how to make delicious gluten free meals and desserts. I do find that if i mistakenly eat gluten i will feel almost hungover the next day, anyone else have this experience? add me if you want to swap recipes or have an questions!
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I was exhausted almost every day until I had been completely gluten free for about 2-3 months.
It took serious discipline just to do the things I needed to do and get through my day.

Ah gosh, it turns out i\'ve most likely got celiacs, though my bloods when tested last yr were negative, the GP never told me i was meant to eat 4 slices of bread a day for 6 weeks before taking the test, or that apparently a quarter of tests are false. So i\'ve been lactose intolerant for 7 years, bone and muscle pain, asthma 8-9 years, depression, fatigue for 11 years, allergies, asophagus reflux, hair loss, circulation probs-needles and pins, and been under a lot of personal stress, random rashes, sensitivity to powdered laundry detergents, and a heap of hair and skin products and I now have immune syatem dysbiosis. I have this week found out my aunty is a celiac and have cut out gluten altogether after consulting with a trusted naturopath. I am feeling mixed emotions, as I really hope this can work as GPs havent helped me much for the last 10 years, just give me prescriptions etc etc. I am now underway to booking in a leaky gut test, as this will either pinpoint it as celiacs or gluten sensitivity apparently. I am so relieved to have gotten this far, I was losing hope for better health as the GPs weren\'t helping me much. If someone can send me any info about long term sideeffects of being undiagnosed, I\'d really appreciate it, as I\'m thinking it might take me a long while to start feeling better but would love to know of a ball park estimate. So how long were you undiagnosed and how long did it take for you to feel better? Thanks. Sorry for being so lengthy! :)

Oh, about your other question.. I was having tiredness and GI problems so my doctor at the time had me take a blood test that came out positive for Celiac disease. I think he said something about Gliadin or something. I can't remember the details it was at least 2 years ago.

I think the ballpark figure for a celiac is 6-12 months gluten free. I however still feel sick part of the day on most days after over a year. That might have to do with my diabetes though. I think my blood sugar has gotten better after losing weight and being gluten free so maybe my diabetes medication is too much.

I forgot. celiac.com is a good site for information on celiac disease.

Sorry you\'ve had such a hard time of it. I hope you can get on the road to better health.

Hi Mike, thanks for your comments, it can be a confusing time learning all about this new way of thinking/ eating. I know I wont get better overnight, thanks for your input :) really grateful

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