Remedy For Hs Is A Remedy For Celiac

I am cured of Celiac Disease .
But the therapy that fixed my CD was from someone who got fixed of HS. I'm Margie, in my late 30s and had a bad case of celiac disease for over 10 years.

I have not heard much of HS disease or Hidradenitis suppurativa. Looking at
homeopathic medicines at Forums, I was going over threads homeopathics for gluten & celiac, I found an article that gluten also causes HS.

That's when I started to search HS Forums , what people do & how they treat their ailments. But what was really surprising from many of the HS forums and message boards, many have not switched to a gluten-free diet. Apparently, with hidradenitis patients , many have not yet agreed that gluten causes HS and therefore not many are following the GF diet.

I was also interested in anyone getting cured and this is how I found this therapy for celiac.

“I Beat Hidradenitis” is an article written by Claire. Now Claire is a cured HS case.
Below is claire's stoory
hs-mytreatments.weebly (dot) com

Claire has been through several therapies for her HS. But I became convinced that the treatment she found that fixed her hidradenitis works to fix celiac disease too.
Both Celiac and HS have the same cause gluten sensitivity from gluten antibodies.
Her treatment I used for 6 months, it is simple treatment: peptide antigen and 2 herbs that go with it. Just remember to be GF when taking this and no smoking and a few simple directions.

Six months treatment was not enough to cure me.
But the important thing I noticed was my celliac situation was bad no more.
In fact, my observation was a mild case of celiac after treatment , formerly I react intensely not only from digestive problems but also headaches and irritability.
The 6 months therapy brought changes of improvement , headaches are easier on me and the digestive things are milder.
Three more months of treatment and I am healed of CD.

Like I said, I am a cured case.
And I recommend people to read Claire's article. It started it all and convinced me that there is a new treatment for CD.
Believe me, there is a cure for celiac disease and I am living proof. My definition of cured is being healthy & able to eat gluten again without problems.
I share this story because I am free and you can likely be free too!!
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Be careful of this, celiac can stop showing symptoms while damage is ongoing. I know someone who died from this when he was elderly.