My Story

It all started in the 4th grade. Me and my twin sister were always getting sick and we didn't know why. Most of our teacher and the kids at school assumed that we were faking the trips to the nurse all for the attention. But we had no control over how sick we were getting. Our doctor didn't even know what was wrong with us, he just though we had fragile amune systems since we were babies.

But that is only the beginning. As time went on my sister and I got worse and we continued to get sick on almost everything we ate. It was the worst when we went on vacation for some reason. My sister even ended up in the hospital for most of one while I was back at the vacation home we were staying at vomiting.

It wasn't until my birthday while I was in 5th grade when I was finally told that my blood test came back positive for celiac and I was told to have a endoscopy to confirm the tests. I was to relieved that for once in my life there was finally an answer to why I was always sick. 10 years later and I feel amazing and healthy. I think having celiac was to best thing that ever happened to me.
Irishgirl165 Irishgirl165
13-15, F
Jan 18, 2013