Really? Me? What Was the Big Clue?

For years I had been sickly, pale and scrawny. As a child I had a perpetual gut ache and couldn't understand why. My father always had a really rotten stomach, and only later did he tell me why. His sister has it, too. And in retrospect, their dad also had it. 

I spent years of being told IBS, depression, stress; you name it, I apparently had it. I can't remember what motivated me to try an elimination diet. I was probably at my wits end and tired of my head looking like it was too big for my body. I was ready to try anything. Dairy was no problem. But with wheat out my diet, finally had a BMI over 20, I looked rosy and well-rested and 5 years younger.

My doctor actually denied that I had celiac. He wanted me to flood myself with gluten in order to test me. I was not to keen on this approach, especially since eating wheat now had horrible ramifications. My sister was a big denier of celiac, until she got sick of her own digestive problems and gave the elimination diet a try. Surprise! And many of her health headaches melted away, too.

I finally did the gluten binge and the tests came back positive. What alarmed me was that I had first, second and third degree relatives with Celiac, textbook symptoms but no diagnosis for years.



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You guys can't blame the doctor or you mother they just don't know. I think the average time for a diagnoses is about eight years. Maybe the doctors are getting a clue now but they were never educated as to what Celiac really was. Also how would your mother know? You now know that if you are Celiac what you need to do. I have been gluten and dairy free now for over 20 years and I will tell you I haven't missed a thing.

My mother been blaming me for my health problems..saying your problems is stress and its your fault u feel sick and your stomach hurts all the time. I just went to the doctor and he think I may have celiac and I'm waiting test results. I hate when people have real health problems and other people blame it on stress and act as if we caused our own problems. I don't know how I'm doing to deal if it is going to be a life change for sure. My mother prob blame me and say I caused myself to have celiac as well.

Bad doctor! What reason did he give for not believing you? Was he just upset that you were diagnosing yourself? I suppose it was right to flood yourself with gluten in order to do the test though.

what a ****** up doctor you have... all that suffering.. need only need to biopsy your upper intestine... then you know.. hope all is well now..

Wow, what a foolish doctor. When I suggested to my doctor that I might have Celiac's he asked me why I thought that, and I told him that after I cut wheat out of my diet all my symptoms went away. His response: "Yep, sounds like it." <br />
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My mother has it too and it took me a couple years to convince her to cut out wheat. Now she tells me how amazed she is at her change in health. I'm still trying to convince my brother. <br />
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Don't you hate it when people blame your problems on stress? "Look if you'd just relax, you'd get better." As if it's your fault.