Central Pain Syndrome - A Mind Of It's Own

I was recently diagnosed with Central Pain Syndrome which has me a bit confused.  Thus far the doctor's office also calls this "Type IV Central Mediated Pain," and "Myofascial Pain Syndrome.  These names are a bit confusing to me so I will tell you my symptoms and I am certain that some or most of you can relate. 

My symptoms started about 17 years-ago when the doctor labeled me with having "Cervical Radiculopathy."  At that time I was experiencing numbness and tingling in the middle two fingers of both hands.  I had a tremendous amount of pain in my neck and shoulders as well as irritable bowel symptoms. I was experiencing vertigo, panick attacks and clinical depression.  I had shooting pains in my right upper arm that felt like a knife stabbing me, which would come and go throughout the years.  I held several jobs at that time and was able to work then until about 4 years ago when I quit my job several weeks after getting hit in the head by 6 boxes in one night while working a warehouse job.  Within a month of the boxes hitting me I began to experience a stabbing, hot skewer feeling on the outside of my left thigh which felt like it was in the bone.  This pain got so bad that it finally took me to the doctors who ordered an MRI, which I couldn't have done due to lack of health insurance.  They placed me on Cyclobenzaprine for two weeks, which didn't seem to help much at all.  Pains began to show up in various areas of my body along with the left leg pain.  The pain was so debilitating at times that I was not able to perform household chores as I used to.  I took a turn for the worse and suddenly with an excrutiating lower back pain that doubled me over.  Since that time my body has been getting progressively worse.  I have developed the following symptoms:

Shooting, stabbing, burning "firepoker" pain in my right leg and sciatic area.
Extreme heel pain in both feet
Pain in both hands which can be excessive, preventing me from driving.
"Bee sting" pains with pins and needles in both feet.
Sharp, stabbing pains in my spine near the shoulder blades.
Sheets and clothing or even a gentle touch from someone else makes me jump out of my skin at times, almost feeling like constant stinging.
Difficulty sleeping.
Confusion and forgetfulness.
Poor eyesight, blurring more often than usual.
Lights, sound and movements are magnified which causes me to become agitated or nervous.
Weakness in my hands.
And the list just goes on and on.

This strange syndrome seems to create pain and other symptoms wherever and whenever it wants to.  I never know from one minute to the next where the pain is going to hit.  I have become to feel extremely inadequate as an individual, as this syndrome is affecting my once confident abilty to drive, grocery shop (now I have to have someone go with me to lift and help me remember what I went there for).  My general practitioner placed me on Neurontin, mobic and Ultram.  I have found that the mobic causes problems with urination so I discontinued its use.  Cyclobenzaprine has just recently been added at bedtime to help me sleep.  This syndrome can be extremely frustrating, not only for us, but for our family members as well, who don't quite understand the magnitude of our symptoms.  There are no support groups where I live so that is why I have come here.  We need to feel that we are not alone.  My most frustrating moment is that the diagnosis of Type IV Central Mediated Pain Syndrome and/or Central Pain Syndrome is not recognized by disability, however, fibromyalgia is.  Although this is not a fatal disease process, it certainly causes a great deal of pain throughout each day.  Every once in a while I will have a really good day but it only lasts for about four hours tops and then I am completely done for the day.  I would like to know how many of you out there are experiencing the same symptoms as myself.  I pray for a cure for this syndrome soon.

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2 Responses Dec 9, 2010

Hello imaclappingangel, I am a 44 yar old male with about every symptom you have listed as well. Ironically I had a box fall on the back of my head in the mid nineties yet not sure if that is why i have central pain syndrome symptoms now. All tests including a cervical MRI have been negative. the only thing that keeps me sane is the Lorcet plus pain meds i take 4x aday and my family. if i try to ween off the pain med it feel like my nervous system goes into overdrive and the pain becomes crazy. I have a really good Pain management Doc now who is looking for the cause and we are discussing other pain management ideas other than taking an opiate 4x a day. I hope and pray something happens so i can get back to work. we have 4 children and my wife is a teacher. When 2 incmes become one it is difficult, especially when even Fibromyalgia is hard to get SSI disability pay. Keep praying, I do every day. Mark

I too have CPS resulting after I broke my back in 08 here's my blog if you fancy a chat at any time<br />