I'm More Than My Disability, Which Btw Is Spastic Diplegic Cerebral Palsy

Hi all. I'm new to this site. My mom actually found it for me. I'm a 22 almost 23 yr old male. I live with my parents. I have cerebral palsy and was diagnosed at age 1. I use a power wheelchair for mobility and rely on my parents help for daily living. I love the computer, and surfing the web and meeting others with similar situations as mine. I'm an only child and since I'm graduated high school I'm a bit lonely as I don't have many friends my age. I do alot though, I just traveled to Las Vegas with my family before the holidays. I love to fish on our pontoon boat and enjoy the outdoors. I love going to drag races and experiencing new things. I wish it were easier for me to get around and out of the house without my parents. Where I live in PA there isn't much as far as programs available for me to meet others because usually I am higher functioning mentally than others in the programs so as for now, I spend my days at home, doing some web design and working on the computer. I don't have a job because it's too hard for me to get assistance at a workplace for bathroom needs, etc. I love music and technology. I go to concerts and I like playing the slots once in awhile at nearby casinos. I am a christian and although while here I may never have the answers I need to believe that there is a reason I'm here and have cerebral palsy. I believe much is in our attitude how we view our disabilities. My mom has been such a positive influence in my life. My dad too. I would like to make other friends online and just talk about everyday stuff. I had rods put in my back in 2010 but due to an infection, had to get them all out the end of November 2012. Luckily my spine was fused and it's ok to not have them in anymore. I look forward to being part of a group like this.
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Hi, my name is Ally and I am new to this site as well. I'll be 22 next week and I also live with my parents. I have spastic quadriplegic CP which was diagnosed at birth. I also use a power wheelchair and have rods in my back. I live at home with my parents, attend college and will soon receive my AA, and also love music (especially Christian and inspirational). Music is an escape for me! The web design that you do sounds cool. I just got back from a summer camp in North Florida for young adults with disabilities. I went in the pool, on a waterslide, painted/pottery with a special brush (which for the first time made me feel free because I was able to do something everyone else was doing and not feel like I have a disability...I spoke the words "this is really fun!" and that felt so great), sang, danced, etc. Have you ever attended a camp before? I have a tendency to not do or participate in arts and crafts because I usually need a lot of physical help. I also loved going down a water slide. The first time I was so excited I was screaming, I just couldn't contain my joy! I know how you feel, wanting people to relate to you and feeling lonely. I know sometimes you just may feel like you want to be listened to and understood. I also relate to your statement about being higher-functioning and wanting to find groups to suite you. I attend a group in Orlando (through United Cerebral Palsy) called Breaking Barriers-which I love. I enjoy being with other young people there, and getting to be myself and express my humor. Maybe there is a branch near you in PA. My parents drop me off and I get myself to the meeting so that I can have some independence. Also with school I try to be as independent as possible. I have been trying to improve my attitude and love myself deeper and grow. I agree with you that our attitude is important regarding our disability. It helps us face the struggles and instead find joy in our lives. And laughter and love are extremely important! I am a family girl, and I gain much strength from my family and I am blessed to have a loving family who will support me through anything and they help me to achieve my dreams. But sometimes it is hard, because I feel that I don't have a "normal" life. I feel sometimes that I am always different. Do you feel that way sometimes? I would love to hear from you, we have a lot in common! Hopefully I was helpful, it was helpful for me to read about someone with some of the same struggles and interests! Please keep in touch if you can. Take care, Ally