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Mild, But Still There..

Hi everyone. I've thought about how to write my story for ages. I'll just say what I know.

I have cerebral palsy. I was born 2 months early and there were several complications with the birth. I spent another 2 months in the hospital after that. I was diagnosed as a baby because I wasn't crawling. I was "daddy's little worm". I went to a neuromuscular disabilities preschool. I received physical therapy at least once a week until high school. Then I was told it wasn't helping anymore. When I was 6 I had surgery heel cord lengthening because I was walking on my toes, which helped a lot! I remember having to wear leg braces on both legs until I was 11 or so. 

My mind is very fuzzy on my condition. No one pays attention to their doctors appointments when they're a kid... and I can't ask my parents about anything regarding my cp. My mom died a couple years ago, and my dad refuses to admit I have or have had any problems because it is a bad reflection on him. Therefore I don't know what KIND of cp I have. Here's what I do know. My cp is very mild, it was more of a problem when I was a kid. It mainly affects my balance and coordination and fine motor skills. So don't ask me to climb a ladder, carry heavy boxes, go roller skating, climb the stairs without a rail,  or write out an important document. LOL.. I fall a lot, but I do walk unaided with a limp which gets worse some days, and not others. I was spared any lasting intellectual problems. I did have special tutoring in grade school though. I couldn't seem to grasp some things.  Overall I'm very very lucky. I don't see myself as disabled but wonder if some things are "normal". Hardly anyone notices or says anything, except they do sometimes ask if I hurt my legs. 

I'm going to ramble....

In school I was known as "brain damage". Not quite "disabled enough" to leave alone or feel too guilty to pick on, just enough to torture. I grew up in a snowy place. Ice isn't my friend, so my mom put me on the "special bus" to go to school. I would be picked up at my door, and not have to walk the 6 blocks to the bus stop.  Didn't help matters. Why is it when you're disabled people assume that you're incapable of thinking for or doing anything yourself,? I wasn't allowed off the bus until a parent came to get me, or even buckle my seatbelt by myself. I was trapped! I came home everyday in tears from being called "retarded" among other things and having things thrown at me from being on that bus. Kids are mean. Eventually I was able to convince my parents that I was ok to walk to the regular bus stop with the help of a friend. The friend didn't hold up his end of the bargain, but I never told my parents that. I just got lots of battle scars! lol.. I didn't care if it took me 45 mins to walk those 6 blocks in the snow, I was going to do it! And I did, eventhough I did fall sometimes and got stuck in the snow until someone walked by... lol

I remember... after my surgery I came back to school using a walker and in casts. The kids would steal my walker and push me down at recess. Instead of getting upset, I would laugh, and attempt to pick myself up in any means I could because I refused to accept help. I was a strange child. lol...

Now adays I'm good, but put up with a lot of pain. I'm looking for a job and have a mostly normal life.Anyway... that's enough rambling. This is embarassing, but...I have so many questions that I don't know who to ask.  
  • My balance and coordination seem to be getting worse in the past 2 years. Is this normal? 
  • Does anyone else experience PAIN, a lot? Like severe hip pain when walking.. and..  It feels like my muscles are constantly tense to the point of pain and nothing I do can release them, also my joints ache, like what I imagine arthritis to be like, but I'm only 22.  
  • Does anyone have any vision problems because of their cp? or is that a seperate thing entirely?
  • I feel stupid asking questions like this, but who else do I ask?
  • What does everyone else do to excercise?
  • Do you admit your disability in job interviews? Should I? 

Thanks for listening!
ambience ambience 22-25, F 52 Responses Jun 15, 2010

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Hi ambience.
I too have mild cp. I had a difficult birth - very quick, at home, my father had to help deliver me. It affects my left side. Had two operations on left tendon when a child, and had to wear a weighted bracelet on my left arm, for a couple of years, to stop me from holding it up. I think it has always affected my confidence. I say that 'I don't have a problem with my cp, other people do' - but actually that isn't true. My mother had huge problems accepting my cp and said some revolting things to me as a child, teenager and even during my twenties. Nowadays I try to keep a distance. It is her shame, not mine. I didn't choose to be born with cp!
Fortunately, it didn't affect my academic ability - I did well at school, got a degree, a post grad teaching certificate and have been a teacher errr, forever (it feels like).
My cp is a pain. Right now literally. But I know that I have significantly decreased my activity levels in the last 3 years and WHAT A MISTAKE!! I sprained my left ankle (yes, my weak one) very badly a few years ago, and my inactivity has made it much much worse. So now I need to get to this new gym where I live.

The biggest thing that has helped me is being quite an active, fidgety kind of person. I have never been sporty (PE teachers were awful, never understood what was wrong with me, was a just wimpy, or was there something WRONG with me???) ~BUT I am active. My greatest advice to
anyone with cp is 'get moving, stay active, and don't change that'.
Yoga. Swimming. Oh and massage.
My inactivity has literally made my body seize up gradually and with that I have had increasing problems with tension, balance, gait. Anyhow - that's my story. Been to see a physio today and I think she has put me back on the right track. Good luck everyone!

Add a response...

Sounds familiar I only had surgery on right tendon I'm 52 I've done some form of martial arts for the last 30 years,the only stretching I've found to get around tension is resistance stretching or pnf stretching.i was born 3 months early with stillborn twin. Parents never wanted to admit issues.but consider myself lucky,no major pain just stiffness and a weird thing called mirror imaging where if I'm doing something with one hand the other will copy it sometimes.

Hi just turned my n turnedame is Julie, boy does your story sound familiar.
I was also born with mild CP
I also had pt and went to schools for the disabled until Jr. High. I was also mainstreamed throughout school.
I also had the same surgery u did.
I also have some balance prob. And coordination. But i do work 1/2 time. I just turned 50 and im doing pretty Good
Yes i do have vision prob. I had 2 surgeries do to be crossed eyed. I cant flex my ankles or squat and walk with a slight limp . I dont know what type of CP i have either, but i count myself lucky that i can walk without aid.
If u want to chat let me know.

I have the exact same thing was born primature but with spastic depligia, im 24 had the exact same life, sorry to hear about your mum passing way my dad passed away but my mum was my career.

I could not walk till the age of 3 and even then was wheelchair bound till the ge of 11. Was not accepted in school by teachers and other pupils, was beaten up by the school on several occasions because I was not normal and could not participate in activities like them. At the age of 12 I had an operaton on my achilles tendon and front toe to change my way of walking and somewhat try and improve it as I was said to have had the Charcot-Marie-Tooth disease which affects my way of walking but the operation made it worse. Growing up I had alot of nose bleeds from the cerebral palsy and epileptic fits in my right foot especially when sleeping or stretching. I remember being given a splint for my foot which i wore to correct my foot, but rearly wore it as i wanted to fit in with other kids. Growing up I walked unaided, sometimes had crutches incase as I used to walk with a limp also and tend to trip alot but not fall. At the age of 16 i started going to the gym to try and build strength all over my body but it still affects my right foot so the calf muscle is very small and ankles are very thin. I do not work out on that leg anymore as it gets painful after a session. Till now I still gym but still walk with a limp. At the age of 19- 22 I went to university but failed as my brain could not take in information for exams and course and I tend to forget things or make mistakes. Alot of people see me and think i'm a fit guy and when this happens they do not understand. Till now they don't understand and sometimes forget. I did not complete university but got a job with General Electrics as a Project manager Intern and I am currently working at Brighton and Sussex as a PACS administrator. I do not have any friends as growing up made me scared and made me distant from the rest of the world. But I am happy I have been able to push myself with the encouragement of my mother. I currently live in Brighton alone whilst my mum lives in London.In relation to your question i am 24 now and get alot of pain in my hips and knee's. My foot I still get pain and can not walk long distances or run. I do wear glasses but I do not think this is because of the cp then again i'll do more research and let you know. I do get nose bleeds and epileptic fits in my right foot. In terms of job its advisable to go to the place you would like to work and let them see you in person thats how I got my job in GE and when you go for the interview do not say you have a diability as it prevents you getting the job, once you have it you can but in honesty your employee wont understand unless its visable.

To answer the original post:
1. Dunno about vision; CP is such a broad diagnosis. If the brain damage also affected your optical processing regions, then sure, could be cp related. For me, I have worn glasses since I was 12 but I am fairly sure that it's due to good ole genetics since it's issues with the optics rather than the motor skills of eye movement/tracking.

2. Exercise -yoga or some variation there-of. See below. I have done gym memberships, private trainers, regular swimming routines, lots of PT. Yoga is the most effective regular exercise I have yet to find.

3. My cp affects my speech, so I do disclose prior to an interview, asking for patience and understanding. If my speech was normal I would not disclose in advance.

This is a monster or a thread now, geez (posting 8/2014). I have mild/moderate spastice/athetoid CP. I grew up in a US state with great child services and my folks are awesome, but I have still experienced a period of detachment from being seen and evaluated on a regular basis (age 18/19-32). My mobility began to decline around age 26. Demoralizing and depressing, but my childhood experiences led me to believe that PT was misrible and failed to deliver improvements, surgery sucks, and doctors don't have a good understanding of CP anyway. However, declining mobility sucks balls. I finally bit the bullet and scheduled a yoga session. Best thing ever. It hurts a lot, like traditional PT, but the focus on holistic balance and doing the same excersize to opposing muscle groups. I am training my mind to be more in control of my body and the results are so Awesome; I went from falling weekly to not falling in over 3 months. And that confidence boosts so many other aspects of daily life. Bottom line: don't give up, fight for mobility and increased independence. There is no cure for cp. We all gotta trudge through it and keep doing the work to allow us to be mobile functional members of society.

Hi I am 15 and have cp. It only slightly affects my right side. I have some muscle loss on my arm and leg, but I can do almost anything others can do. I was born two weeks late and have had cp since I was born, however, It wasn't diagnosed until I was two (stupid doctor just told my mom I was lazy). The only surgury I have had was getting my tenden lengthened when I was 4,adn I only went to theropy until 6. I have always succeeded academically. In fact I often go beyond what I should to prove I can do anything anyone else could. I am going to get my license soon and I am doing good. Recently I have noticed that my muscles seem to be getting more and more tight I am getting scared that my cp is getting worse (if that is even possible). My parents are great. Since I was young they have always told me I could do anything and never let me take the easy way, but they don't really know enough about cp to answer my questions. Along with my muscles tightening I have been getting more sore as well. Because my parents never treated me like I had cp I never treated myself that way which means that I never exercised my muscles properly. It would be my worst nightmare if cp caused me to not do things. I guess I just need some sort of reassurance that I am not the only one going through this. It is really amazing that there are so many people out there that deal with what I deal with. I honestly never knew how lucky I was to not have been bullied or made fun of due to my cp. To be hoest my cp scares the crap out of me and I don't know what to do about it. I don't want to go to my parents about it because they don't know what it is like to have cp and I feel like I would just worry them. I don't know if this is a place where I could get advice on any of this, but if I could it would be amazing.

Hi krysta1217... I read your story and honestly thought you were talking about me. I also have a mild case of spastic CP that only affects my right side. The doctors said I was lazy too. I was diagnosed and treated at Shriner's Hospital in Lexington until I was 17. I am now 22. My family sounds just like yours! They never let me think I wasn't able to do anything anyone else did. Just like you I am an over achiever and have done great in school. I got my license at 16 and had my dad who was a great teacher. I have minimal adjustments and have done just fine with driving. I'm sure you will do great! CP does not worsen over time but from my experience it does cause other issues to arise. I have began to experience joint pain and get tired very quickly. My best advice is to just stay active and keep your muscles moving! If you ever want to talk feel free to ask me anything. I don't know how much help I would be but I can at least relate! I have all your same fears and just like you hate to bother my parents. I am currently dealing with some sharp pain in my foot that I think may be in relation to my CP. After a couple weeks of fighting it, I finally mentioned it to my mom and she went into panic mom mode and kept saying that she hates that I have to deal with this and be worried about my future with CP. I know it worries her and I hate putting that on either of my parents. Needless to say, she has taken off work and got me into the doctor already for tomorrow. Lol! She insists on coming along! Even when your scared to talk about it with them, it sounds like you have a great support system in them and I'm sure they would be more than willing to listen.

I'll be 18 in just a few days. And I actually think I'm extremely lucky. I got it when I was born. They said it was only in my right leg. But now I can tell it's my whole right side. I ocasionally do have pain. But other than that it's noticeable. But not that noticeable. My right leg is much smaller than my left, but I have a job. Go to school. Tons of friends. I don't consider myself disabled. Because I can do everything everyone else can run. Jump. Climb. All that. And I do hope that it always stays like that for me. I'm sorry for those of you that had it rough or are still having it rough. But I'm glad to know I found some people with a similar condition. Were all lucky to be alive. Some of us can move around easily. Some cannot. But were alive. :)

Hi Im researching information about mild cp as Im a swimming teacher from Ireland and i have a little baby boy student whose mum only just told me that this is that he has. I knew there was something because of muscle weakness in his neck and body but wanted to allow his mum to get to know me enough to tell me.

I wanted to just let you know I've also specially trained in teaching swimming to people with disabilities and one of the key factors in swimming helping people with cp is water temp. It must be at least 30 degrees to allow muscles to relax and not tighten. If you could find a hydrotherapy pool you should be able to find some relief from pain due to muscle cramps and the natural buoyancy of the water with different floatation devices should allow you to exercise.

It seems that eyesight problems and epilepsy are very common with cp along with balance and depth perception.

I probably haven't helped much but i was worried about my little pupil and wanted to do the very best i could for him so wanted to do as much research not only about facts but from people living with cp.

Take care and thank you so much for sharing, children can be cruel at the best of times and i was bullied all my school life for just being quiet so i think your one tough cookie. I hope you find some answers from your readers.


me also i have cp but i don't know what kind of cp i have. A lot of pain. i ll never enjoy my childhood I can't play. I hate bullying . My never ending journey full of mercy and full of misery. I feel stupid 24 years of my life the pain still remain..

You are a writer! I am seriously impressed with your story, but truly, it's the telling of the story that is incredible. And yes, I do have physical pain and limitations. I don't have cp, but another neurological issue, and an autoimmune disease. Actually I have many of the same symptoms that you mention. I think the vision issue, along with everything else is truly an issue of muscle weakness, so yes, it's r/t to the cp. I'm sorry that your dad is too emotionally damaged and ego driven to be a real father and friend to you. He wouldn't be the first man on earth with those traits, but I know it hurts. I do suggest that you are upfront about any physical limitations that you might have, but I also suggest you consider the fact that if someone won't hire you because of them, it's not where you need to be. If they discriminate against you before they have you on payroll..not a good sign. Furthermore, you are entitled the right and "benefits" of having a disability. Don't let pride circumvent your success. I can't stress enough that you have a gift. Your grasp of language and communication in general, with a natural inclination towards writing? Priceless. That is your road I believe. With regards to exercise, I suggest functional exercise and strength training. Also, look into natural supplements that will enhance stamina, strength, and decrease fatigue. If you search online for such, you will find Ubiquinol, Creatine, and a whole food multivitamin among the suggestions. I am an RN, Holistic Nutrition educator. I certainly have some ideas about what other people "should" do, for better or worse. Take care, and best of luck. I can't wait to buy your first book. Already you have am amazing life story worth reading.

Hello everyone! I actually haven't got the condition myself but my twin sister has a mild case and has had operation and I've been by her side through school and adult life. We are now 22 and she has recently started to express to me how she wants a friend who won't bully or hurt her! And it's heart breaking because I don't know how! And she has been bullied which is awful as we are all the same! So I was wondering If anyone would be happy to email me please on here and drop me a mail or support messages or like to speak to her herself it would be much appreciated! As she just needs to know it's not her fault and needs to know she's not on her own! Thankyou you all so much!!!

I'm sorry that kids are mean to you, and I know what you're going through. Some parents are like that too. Your father should learn to take a One or two kids have been mean to me about me waddling, but generally no one in my school teases me about my disability. In the rare instance that someone does, I become very defensive. I don't like to be considered disabled, either. I act like a perfectly normal teenage girl. In fact, most people tell me that they wouldn't notice it if I didn't tell them. I have mild hemiplegic cerebral palsy that was the result of a prenatal stroke (before I was born I had a stroke). My parents found out when I was about a year old and had issues walking. I did learn a bit late, but physical therapy made it happen. When I was very young, I used to have seizures. I haven't had one since I was six years old. Physically, my CP affects my right arm and leg. I used to wear a brace on my right arm and leg when I was five and six, but I stopped when I was around seven. I walked on my tippy toes until I was nine years old, and had surgery on my right tendon. I still limp sometimes when I am really tired, but I no longer walk on my tippy toes. I walk flat-footed. I tend to limp more when shoes don't have support or coverage, like heels and shoes without straps. As for my right hand-I can move it, but I use it as a prop. The fingers on my right hand are hyper-extended, so I sometimes wear clear, plastic nude finger splints to make them easier to work with. I can't write with my right hand, and I can't turn my wrist very far around. I'm a high school senior now, and I have already been accepted to four colleges. I am eighteen, and I still haven't learned to drive yet, though I plan to get my permit, and driver's license by the end of the summer before college.I have dyscalculia(a learning disability in math), and issues with visual/spatial concepts. However, I have always excelled in language arts and singing. I have taken vocal lessons for three years now. I currently take Honors English, and I have an A- in the class. I really want to teach English to high school students as a career.This doesn't mean that peripheral vision is weak, and in fact, I've never had any major issues with vision as far as I have noticed.<br />
I have never been an athletic girl, and I have always been small and thin. Then again, my mother is 4'10. I don't think my petite stature has to do with CP. There was time when my right leg was slightly shorter than my left, but the tendon release corrected that.

I am a 36 year old chick with mild hemiplegia on my left side. I have severe pain in my back, hips and knees and ankles. I also got hit by a car at 13 right in the knees. I have had many braces that just made pain and my limp worse. Doctors are a joke; I had one tell me that I was too pretty to have CP. Wow..... All I want is to have some kind of relief! Baclofen is a joke and I have medicaid so a decent doc is hard to find. Even if you find a decent one they think you're crazy or a pill seeker. I have tried to work, but the pain is too much, so I get a ssi check for a whopping 700 a month. I have three degrees in healthcare that I'll never get to use. My dating life is a joke and I cannot have kids. I have a chihuahua though. I wish the medical community would start taking our issues with pain seriously and give us the treatment we need and deserve. I'm in the St Louis area ifanyone knows a good doc. Good luck all...

Hi! I hear you!!! I too have three degrees that are collecting dust. I'm 33 years old with CP that affects my right side with vision and tummy problems. After years of braces, treatments, 12 painfully surgeries, and being constantly drugged up I feel it's time to give up on a career. Do you mind me asking if you had trouble getting ssi? Did you need a lawyer? I've heard so many horror stories.
On another note, the hospital I've had my last five surgeries at has a pain management center. Perhaps you could try something like that (if you haven't already)?

I do hope you find some relief, sweetheart.


This is amazing! I thought I was the only one. I'm a 36 year old female with mild CP basically affecting my left side, back, hips and now knees. It doesn't help that I was hit by a car at 13 basically hitting me in my knees. Doctors are a joke and act like mild CP is nothing. I live with so much pain that I don't sleep. I cannot find a decent physician, because I have medicaid. All I want is a little relief! I do not want another brace that just makes my limp and pain worse. One doc told me that I was too pretty to have CP....really!? I have tried working, but it is too hard so I have 3 degrees in healthcare that I'll never use. I wish the medical field would at least acknowledge us and give us the treatment we deserve. Good luck all....

Thank you for writing your story. Oh my goodness, you could be me or I, you!

The first thing that struck me is your dad's unwillingness to admit that something might be wrong with his child. MY DAD DID THIS TOO and pushed me so much to the point of being cruel. I am 51 years old now and thankfully, with the help of me taking an assertiveness training class, we've hashed that out and he truly is sorry he treated me the way he did. On the other hand, he and Mom insisted that I be independent and to get along the best way I could. I am happy to say that despite my mild CP, I have worked most of my life and I've been married for over 32 years to the same man. We chose not to have children but do have a cranky, elderly dachshund named Bonnie

You asked if vision can be an issue? It was with me. I was born one month premature with the cord wrapped around my neck and in an incubator for some time. I am not legally blind but I do have optic nerve damage that prevents me from getting a driver's license. Thankfully, up until now, I have walked almost everywhere unless I'm with hubby and he can drive us.

I have just started looking at people with CP and their stories because I have been experiencing diminished balance and have stiffening in my legs and back. My right foot is turning in weird and I just can't seem to get loose in any slight way. I've been fighting the cane but am warming up to the idea for use in going up and down steps and walking in areas where I don't know the "terrain". Why are there so many step ways and stairs without rails? I don't get it...LOL. I've done too many face plants lately and know that one or two more are going to be the end of me. So I'm cane shopping. If I have to use the dang thing, I want it to be pretty.

Oh! Doctors have been a joke in my neck of the woods. I have had this spasm thing in my back off and on for about 10 years along with more balance issues. The back thing stays for about 10 weeks and then mysteriously goes into hiding. When I'm in the throes, it's horrible and I walk like Frankenstein and am in #7-8 pain scale territory. I've seen about a 1/2 dozen doctors in the area and they tell me it's all in my head. Maybe I didn't mention the CP thing convincingly enough. They just think I'm being silly and send me home with worthless feel good drugs that don't even touch the pain. I'm off to see yet another doc and was wondering, now that I'm going to emphasize the CP factor, would it be worth it for me to check in with a Neurologist? I've never seen one.

Thanks again for your encouragement. Your helped me greatly just knowing there are other "me's" out there.

Take care!

God bless the profession and the good ones, but doctors really can be jerks! Just wanted to let you know, I'm 33 and finally gave into the cane 3 years ago, after my 12th surgery. Two things, they are utterly worthless on ice, so tread wisely! -and- To my surprise, CVS has some really cute canes and quite affordable, so you can get a few to coordinate with different outfits!

Hope you find some relief or at the very least a straight answer.


Wow, it's hard to find somebody (let alone a whole group of people) who know precisely how I feel! In the past few years or so, I've been more open about my battles with mild CP. While teaching, I often find myself explaining to students why I walk into things a lot or why my walk is different.

My CP effects both of my legs and my left side, and like many of you, I find the wet cold to be almost unbearable. Even as a small child ( I'm currently 23) I would be able to tell the weather almost 2 days in advance...

My question to you guys is: Has anyone else been additionally diagnosed with Pervasive Developmental Delay? And what type of exercises help with muscle tightness? I try to exercise on a normal basis (and played pick up softball during the season), but I cannot swim well and would love any suggestions to help with flexibility and tightness.

Hi There!
My PT has been doing some table work with me to helps with tightness and flexibility. I'll ask her if there is some info online that I might pass on to you, if you'd like. I'm post-op right now (number 12), but when I'm a bit stronger and in a little less pain, I do light, modified yoga with a friend who owns a studio and use the Pilates reformer machine (which I feel really helps a lot).

That's so wonderful that you're a teacher! Such a noble, important, yet shamefully undervalued profession.

Warmest Regards,

I am 46 and have mild cerebral palsy I don't know where to go to find info on it like is my body goings To get worse a couple of years ago I found out about Botox for my spasms it's a miracle drug for anyone going through spasms when reading about other people all I hear about is the pain we deal with its true I also feel like people to get it I have some People that dont even notice I walk with a limp I know and still till this day I have a hard time with it


I have cp


I have a 20yr daughter who exactly has everything you just mentioned. I am so happy to find someone with the same dissability as her I would wish you to be a friend so you guys could share stories.

Sorry to post again but not everything I wrote my not have made 100% sense unless u read other posts. I'm not a blogger or like even using community sites. I looked up mild cp and pain in knees and found this and am literally in shocked. Sense most of you had put a lot more effort in your post I figure sense I'm up at 2am this is a good way to not concentrate on the pain And maybe help others. Born 2 pounds 6 onces like two months early. Had a few other minor complications. Was the last of five kids. First to walk says my parents lol. Did physical training till 10 wore braces but they just made my feet hurt. Played sports, have good friends. Got bullied like a few of u. Kids are cruel. Teachers wouldn't do much so my mom told me to hit him. Cause he liked to kick the back of my feet. So I did. It worked. I've lived a normal life. Worked since 15 in between jobs now but o well. I learned faster then most so that's a plus never had teacher aids or nothing. But not everything's a charm in my life. My mom was my glue. She passed away 2 years ago and the stress is killing plus social security are A holes. And she knew how to get stuff done with doctors and such. So now that's pains gotten worse im terrified and no one can help so this site was like a light bulb in my head flashing big and bright. So again thanks you all, best wishes and hope my story helped like yours.

Hi I I'm 20, I've read a lot of these post and find that I'm not alone. I was also born with a real mild case of cp. it's not noticeable i just walk on my toes. My left sides abit worse but I've always preformed any task as a normal person would. Recently my knees have been killing me. My feet feel a little numb at the toes and more tightness in legs. I'm mostly worried about my knees. I haven't been to a doctor for it in 10 years. In fact doctors freak me out. I never did surgery. I did wear braces but I felt they made matters worse. Bullies tried to pick on me but I have a fighter side. I wanted all of you to know I'm thankful for your stories and seeing where all about the same age I'm growing more freaked out. Any advice on the knee thing? Thanks again

Hi! I'm a 20 year student. I was was born 3 months early and suffer from cerebal palsy. My weakness is just in my right side. Two years ago I got a "tend and release" on my right leg. Before the operation my leg used to have muscle and I could go around day to day activities as normal, but the only downside was I walked on my tip toes. Now after the operation my walking has improved but for me I am in so much pain, my leg is so weak and has literally NO muscle...just writing for advice is there anyway at all I could build the muscle and strengthen my right leg??

A stationary bike is the only thing I can do to build a little muscle tone in my legs, post surgery.

Good luck!


I have the exact same thing as you. I would just force yourself to walk on it a little more and more day by day. You know what they say, "No pain, no gain." Once you feel comfortable walking again, you can try running on the treadmill or stair-master, and doing calf muscle exercises and stretches. Lunges help, too. I haven't exercised my right arm and leg recently, even though I know that I should. I suppose that school and winter have made me lazy.

my knees are killing me right now. apparently my old therapist told me that my knee caps are crooked instead of aligned correctly. i just googled this and found all of you. if anyone sees this - not sure if this post is still alive, please feel free to contact me as it's always nice to have friends who understand. i'm 21 years old. and things seem to be getting worst.

I'm also 22, and notice my balance has gotten noticeably worse the past year. I was born 3 months early resulting in diplegia cp, so i had heal cord surgery when I was 6 years old allowing me to walk flat footed. I was pretty good at walking on casts given their was carpet. My eye site is terrible, I have needed glasses since I can rember. Physical tharopy lasted until middle school. I fell a lot as a kid, but was able to do thing like play football and participate in other physical activities. I'm a lot more conscious of my disability as an adult, so I'm not to overly active when it comes to things like running. Do you think parenting would be difficult with this disability? I do. I work at a desk all day result in I frequent hip pain. I have been thinking about heal cord surgery to see if it would improve anything,but the entire presses is to long. What is your opinion.

I have mild cp, I\'m 20. I had heel cord surgery but for me that has made things worse. To be honest I don\'t think you should let your disability even enter your mind when it comes to things like parenting....surely everyday tasks are slightly more difficult for people who suffer from cp, but you should definitely not let it get to you.People like us just have to put a bit more effort into certain things we do. So don\'t worry

Aside from the two childhood surgeries I had, having another surgery as an adult was the biggest mistake of my life. It resulted in worse pain and 9 more surgeries just to try and fix the damage. Every day I wish I could go back and not do it.

As far as kids go...I've got two beautiful children who are the lights of my life. Sure there are things that are harder for me than other parents, but that small extra effort can't touch the love and joy they bring.

Warmest Regards


Im 16 and experienced the same i think i had therapy from age 2- 8/10 years old.and i was born 2 months early so i stayed in hospital for 2-4 months.i didnt even start walking at 2 years of age i was crawling a bit but not even that well.i dp experience pains when out and about i enjoy running but i dont let my cp stop me.i cant stand up for long periods of time and i can barely hold my hands above my head for about 30 seconds to a minute if i have to sort out my hair and such without it hurting to the point i have to put them back down to rest.

And i did always walk on my tip toes i always have and sonetimes even seem to do it now.i used to waddle as my feet pointed diagonally out but therapy corrected it.i dunno im used to not doing things most can like stretching my legs out upwards i physically cant get straight .cant touch my toes .bad hearing and poor eyesight so i wear glasses .lets not start on my balance. I have none im always seen falling while standing on flat ground tripping up and down stairs knocking into things and i cannot stand straight up without staggering and dropping and leaning so i hve to hold onto something....

I dont know if its just me or do ure joints pop in and out of their its my wrists it pops out backwards touches my arm then pops back in

I am 18 and am in pain a lot I see an Osteopathy which helps for like 48 hours. I do have visual and hearing problems too. I just think it part of the way the brain works. I workout in a gym for exercise it can be very painful and tiring. I am so tense that I have to ask one of the trainers to help length my muscles.

Im a 16 years old boy, i have mild cp and i swim 3 times a week. but i feel that i have lost interest in it. i know it has helped me alot with my development as of body muscle.I´m not very muscular but i have a good tone. I feel like i should quit and find something else.

Don't give up because of your disability. Besides, male swimmers are generally not beefy guys, anyway. If you enjoy swimming, continue to do it. Who cares what other ignorant people think or say? Prove them wrong, and keep practicing. Who knows? You could end up being the best swimmer on your team if you work really hard at it.

i am a mother of a child who is not a child anymore but a grown man of 20 who has experienced a lot of the same things that you did. He also has mild cp was born 2 and a half months early and delt with a lot of other medical problems on top of that he got spinal meningitis witch damaged 3 parts of his brain he has 2 shunts that are permanent and has a tendancy and always has to drag his right foot. he also went to physical therapy for several years and had some learning disabilities. His father and i always pushed him telling him that although he was different from other children and it took him a little longer to learn than other kids that nothing was impossible for him he just had to learn to go about it a different way. people look at him and dont even see or realize the obsticals that he has over come or even the fact that he has these disabilities. he suffers from much pain in his back and hip area as well as his legs. the eye sight thing i believe is a different issue. we have found over the years that the best thing to do for this pain is yoga he is not very flexible but he has to stretch out a lot because cp basicly causes you to have shorter muscles than people that dont have cp. my son has done boxing which they kicked him out of after they found out about his disabilities he now does brazillian jui jitsu which he loves he says it helps him a lot to stay stretched out they dont know about his problems we told him dont tell them and he does just as good as the others do even though it sometimes takes him a little longer to learn the moves than others. He lifts weights and has for years he started out light and worked his way up over time. cp is not something that gets worse with age i think what it is is that as you get older you start to realize it more than you use to there are ways to make life more bareable as i explained earlier with yoga and clearing your thoughts breathing in deeply and learning to let yourself free of your own thoughts. i wish i had more answers for you but you just have to believe in yourself know that you can do anything that anyone eles can it just may take a little longer which is ok. I found your post today while looking for something eles to help my son with some of the pain he has i see that you wrote this in 2010 and it is now 2013 i hope this finds its way to you and that you realize that there are others just like you asking the same questions. i hope that this has been some help and comfort to you just remember God made you the way you are for a reason learn to embrase it to love yourself and know that nothing is out of your reach if you want it bad enough. you may have to go about it on a different road than others but you can do it dont ever forget that. our family will be praying for you and remember God loves you and God dosent make mistakes. In Christ, C.C.