Making My Own Business

Hi, I am a woman with cerebral palsy. Its been hard for me to find a job. All my life I have loved videos and always dreamed about making my own movie. Since it has been hard finding a job I've taken my skills and made my own production company called Grace Productions,   I have just finished my 5th video. Most of my videos help advocate for people with disabilities. My videos has helped my community with accepting me and other people with disabilities.  The most significant problem I face is getting the word out. I have joined this forum to connect with different people and try spreading the word about my company and films to a larger audience. Please take a look at my webpage and see what I am about. If you like what I have to offer please buy one of my films. Help me spread the word so I can reach more people. Below is a clip from one of my videos Letters from the Real World. Thank you for listening to my story.

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So how come you do not have a pic of you on this EP.