I Have A Son Withe Cerebral Palsy And Want To See Things His Way

My son is 10 yrs old and has spastic quadriplegic cerebral palsy. This child has strength and wisdom beyond his years, he amazes me! He can't form words but can communicate his wants/needs very well..everyone knows when Joe's angry. He has taught me so much about what really matters in this world and believe me it can't be bought. He will never know all the ways that he has helped transform me into a more compassionate, concerned and caring person. I no longer live by a clock, Joe needs what Joe needs and he does things slower than most, which taught me to stop and smell the roses.
Words that can't be spoken have taught me to listen with my heart. The fun things that most do without even realizing have become even more fun for us because we do have to work for it and makes us appreciate it sooo much more. I could go on and on but Joe loves his hot baths and wants one now (it relaxes his muscles). I am here to read these stories so that  I will be able to see things from his side a little better and in turn help him along his journey a little easier. I am being pointed at with an angry finger so I know he's tired of waiting, time to go and enjoy his laughter!!!!
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Wow you are an incredible woman.

you are a great mother

It is alot to handle, I do have other kids to care for but really it's just another day for me. He was born 16wks early and I'm thankful every time I look at him.....even when he's mad at me. Some people will talk over him (like he can't hear) or baby talk him,I know they mean well but it irritates him (us). This child is smarter than ALOT of people and it angers me that some people think he's this mindless, helpless lil' child just because he has cp. He has learned how to flip rude people off, I cover him and say it's just a muscle spasm and he smiles everytime.

wow thats a lot to handle