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First Love

When I was fifteen I was going out with a girl called Angela she wasn't my first girlfriend, but I think she was the first girl I ever really loved.
We went steady for ten months, and we saw each other almost every night.
I remember that my parent's didn't really approve of her, my stepmother because she seemed to think  that I was not to be trusted alone with any girl, my father because Angela's family lived a couple of streets away in a terraced council house, and we lived in a large detached for bedroomed house with a crippling mortgage. My father I new, disapproved of working class people of moderate means.
In the February of 1966 by which time I was sixteen, Angela's family Emigrated to Australia  under a scheme sponsored by the Australian Government. It Only cost £10:00 per person for sea passage to Australia. Angela of course had to go with her family.
I remember the day they left so well.
I had been working for a year, since I left school at fifteen, and had not missed a single day at work. On the day that they were due to leave I took my first day off of work. Angela and I spent that day together, Apart from promising to write to  each other every day I don't remember us speaking very much that day.
At around five o'clock we all set off for Camberley train station where they were due to catch a train to Portsmouth where the ship that was to take them to Australia was docked. At the station me and Ange just hugged and kissed as we waited for the train to arrive. We were very calm but just a little bit sad and tearful.
It wasn't until the train pulled into the station, that the full impact of what was happening really hit us. We kissed a passionate goodbye, but we were unable to let each other go, Angela who had until then been just a little tearful now began to cry uncontrollably. Her parent's called her to get on the train but she would not let go of me, nor I of her, we held each other as tightly as we could, by this time I had also begun to cry, Despite the shouts of her parents Ange refused to let go of me and move, she screamed at her parents that she wasn't going they in turn yelled back that she had to go, but no way were we going to let go of each other.
Eventually and inevitably her father, mother, and older brother came over to us and begun to prize us apart, Angela screamed and kicked and punched in an effort to ward them of, but to no avail. Eventually they separated us, and dragged her kicking and screaming to the train carriage.
I stood and watched, helpless as they bundled her onto the train, tears rolling down my cheeks my heart breaking within.
As the train pulled out of the station I stood there sobbing, overwhelmed by total emptiness feeling sick inside. I could not believe that the world could be such a cruel place for two young people so devoted and in love for the first time.   
AlmostAristotle AlmostAristotle 61-65, M 20 Responses Mar 19, 2011

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Young love... I hope that wasn't the last you saw of her.

Sadly it was. My father said he would never allow me to go to Australia, so I'd have to wait till I was 21, which when you're only 16 seems like a lifetime.
So I had to forget her and get on with my life.
I was young and there were lots of pretty girls about.

huh! Your reply surprises me... I would have bet that love found a way, at the very least to write/phone? oh well, que sera sera

Oh, we did write, every day for months, it was the crushing of my hope by my father, that disheartened me, and forced me to give up hope.

I'm glad you kept in touch, for a while. Sorry your father did that...

It was hard at the time, but it was many years ago.

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What a sad story :( Did you write to each other like you promised?

What a loving post. Sorry for your loss. Young love is soooo strong sometimes.


This is one of my favorite EP stories ever Ari, I felt it. :-( I truly enjoy your posts, I'm sorry I've not been around in a while.

Thank you hc. Considering the number of brilliant stories on EP. this is high praise.

I think everyone wants to remember the sweetness of first love but they have grown too far away from this level of tenderness, I am glad that you have not.

This is such a sad story and I almost cried reading it. I feel so sorry for the both of you. Did you ever see her again?

Beautiful but heartbreaking. First love always stays in our memory :) I remember mine so well too!

That story was really poignant and heartbreaking....I feel your pain Aristotle.

Merci blue. you're very kind.

Great but sad love story...You seem to really love each other and that's what matter the most i think (let's always take the good thing from each experience).

Wow havn't been adored since the last time :)

Twas a lasting memory for you. You kept in in your heart. Until now you remember vividly how your world fell apart. I adore men who share stories like this because it gives me a hint that men do really fall inlove and not just mind their willies between their legs. Your story resembles the movie "the notebook" but yours was cut in the middle. The movie went on until they restarted what was gone when they slept forever in oblivion, holding each other's hand to rekindle their love once more...through death.

Yea old habits die hard, as far as the group thing goes.<br />
Thanks fo your comments. It seemed like the end of the world at the time, but life goes on and we try again.<br />
Then years later at least we have memories, we tried, we lived. <br />
Best we can do.

Hmmm the old story in the wrong group trick hey Aris? :)<br />
Glad I found it anyway though it is a sad story.<br />
I was on a plane once and at the airport I saw this awful scene - not hugely different from what you described, a young couple, they both were crying and she was in a real mess -his friends were standing around obviously embarrassed by the emotion and eventually sort of pulled their mate away - she cried the whole way through the flight too. I felt bad for her.

My heart just broke!

We wrote for a couple of months then it becomes a long story.

Its best to have loved and lost then never have loved even so it must have been heartbreaking for u did u hear from her?

At the time it was obviously very upsetting aand seemed like the end of the world :)

Aww Ari, I was in tears before I finished reading. I'm so sorry this happened to both of you. :(

It sounds like something out of a romance novel. So sorry your first love ended this way. :(