Sex And Cp

My 42 year old bf has cerebral palsy, but very mild.. he has scissor gait, and left arm is kinda stiffy curve, but other than that, he has no problems at all. My question is, is it hard for him to make sex with me in a missionary position? I am thinking if he'll be having some sort of knees, and thigh problems while making love. or it doesn't affect at all? thank you for your answer
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Sexual activity releases endorphins, which are natural pain killers. the only concern would be balance since his left arm myy not be strong enough to support his weight.<br />
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Yes...I do have CP

Don't have experience with this myself, but as a person with CP, I know the thing I will be most wary about when I have sex the first time will be trying to make sure that my high tone in the left leg doesn't activate in the middle of the activity, which might cause me to accidentally knee or kick my partner. As for positions, I'd suggest trying out multiple ones, and being sensitive to which your partner finds most comfortable, and ready to stop quickly if a particular position causes a cramp or something..

how can you kick someone if you're in a missionary position and you are the one on top and has the cp?

how about "doggie" as an alternative?

I dont know. only people with cp can help me answer this?