From Birth

Along with Hydrocephalic (water on the brain) and 2 spinal deformaties. Doctors said I would nae live past age 2, tha was 52 years ago. I am still alive and the Doctor that said tha has been dead nearly 20 years (I attended his funeral)!

Raibeart Raibeart
51-55, M
18 Responses Apr 28, 2008

see that goes to show ya they dont always know only a guess!

Nae he did his best but remember tha a Doctor is nae a healer, they are ainly licensed tae "Practice" Medicine fae they hae nae gotten it right yet!

A Survivor must maintain the will to survive. My will of late has been severely tested and tried to the limits.

Best of luck to you, Raibeart. You seem to be a survivor!

That is all ye can do Luv. Look fae it and ye will find it

Oh You sweet Darlin,<br />
<br />
You remind me of myself.<br />
<br />
I know what i want and will<br />
<br />
look till I find it

Aye tha ye are, Lass. And this day I needed a smile. It is 04:45 and I hae nae slept again I rarely sleep for the loneliness I hae tae be tae the point I cannae stay awake tha way I dinnae dream.

Yes I'm too kind... : )

Och a Flasher, I hae heard about yer kind!

LOL *flashes evil grin back*

Aye Luv I agree tis sad, rather lame too since many of those in the South of Scotland are indeed Scots. By the by south Scotland is that body of land below Stirling Bridge. (BIG EVIL GRIN)

I won't be offended, I like you : ) ...but I get sad when the Scots bash any visiting English person just for being born South of the border ;-)

LOL aye tha is true and a fighter as well. The Celtic Women though were always fighters and often led the men in Battle before the English made tha illegal, in a clear attemot tae break the spirit o the Celts. Again nae offense meant tae ye Luv, tha was befoire either of us was here!

LOL I think she might have to be quite feisty! ;-)

Thanks Lass, she will hae tae be quite something tae accept me as I am, and I will reward her many times over wi undying devotion.

Yes I read it....and I do hope you find her soon!

Well perhaps unless of course the loneliness o nae havin a Lass at my side causes me to explore the sleep of death spoken of in Hamlet. See my post on I am not sure which is worst, for more on that if ye wish.

And with your spirit (and I don't mean the Glennfiddich!) I'll bet you'll make it to your wish of 111!