Does Anyone With Cp Suffer From Jaw Clenching At Night?

Does anyone with CP suffer from jaw clenching at night?  I also suffer from REM dream overload where I dream so much I wake up and within 3 hours i need to go back to bed to get a couple of hours sleep.  I also wake up with such bad headaches, neck, jaw and shoulder pain.  I also get really nauseous and suffer from bad dizzy spells, which when you have balance issues from the CP this can be a struggle.  Through all these symptoms I have tried to stay in work, however because I was having so much time of I saw the occupational health doctor who made the decision to pension me off.  In some ways I guess I was lucky to get that, but i'd rather have a job any day of the week, than my life controlled by these debilitating symptoms.  

Does anyone else suffer like me?  What do you do to help ease your symptoms any advice would be gratefully received.
tashie26 tashie26
Apr 13, 2012