Being Told Its Your Fault U Have Cp :(

hi im pretty new at this but i figure your spoused to write your personal experiences so others can learn from them??? so here goes,
i spent my life beleiveing what my parents told me "when you were born the doctors couldnt explain why you had cp" you know how it is what you dont know cant hurt you, well atleast thats what my religion teacher told me he said that my parents were feeding me lies my whole child hood and if i wanted to know the real reason i had cp all i had to do was give him the word. so i did right then and there in the middle of the lesson " right then sir wats the truth" and with that he came right up close and said "you have cp beacause your paying for everybodys elses sins in the world i imediatly lost my temper and when i told him to !@#$ off i was suspended from school for disrespecting my teachers and exposeing my peirs to such lenguage. so i have one peice of advice if someone tells you its your fault you have cp stand up for ur self!! stick it to em!! just use better vocab ;)
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CP is not your fault. That attitude is still very common though in religious groups. I volunteer in Belarus and there that is common thinking about any disability. It is wrong and because of ignorace.

X-( I ain't yo fault you got CP, I ain't my fault I got, and any1 else who got it the fault ain't theirs. Remember we never ask to be born the way we right. But hold your head facing the sky and smile high and wide bcuz please believe! what you make lack in 1 area (or have limited use of in 1 area) I should say, you make up for It other areas or ways. People with CP are amazing in there own way (but that's something we already know) the world around us just need time to figure it out. We remind the world that different is Great! It makes us unique, no one wants every thing to look the same,taste the same, or be all 1 color (and the same color at that!) remember people every where like's what makes everything "Different" and that makes a "diff." Even people without CP want to stand from the rest. So smile, hold yo head up and continue to be another beautiful art piece in this gallery we call life.
Love cherlyn.

teacher needs to be reported

First off Christ paid for all of our sins. You have CP the same reason I do because things happen. Good for you for standing up for yourself!

I forgot to write that i think this explanation is better than no explanation.

I believe that i have CP because i took somebody else`s karma from them. I volunteered to do it before i was born. I believe that a person has many lives so this is just one of them. I believe that in my next life i won`t have it and my life will be better because i will be rewarded. I don`t think it`s such a big deal because it only lasts for a life which is about 70-100 years. If you compare it to eternity it is a very short time

thanks for all the comments they do help

i have been told by a person i respected that some one us are allowed a choice before we cross to the next plane.<br />
and we make the choice to live at the mercy of others so we can go on in the chain of life and not return to try it again

funny how many people belivehit like that CP is almost always a birth injury or in the first 3o days<br />
most common are being born to earn, being born with the cord around you throat and cutting off O2 theuse of drugs to bring on the birth post natal surgeries as the body may get to much O2<br />
and shaken baby sysdrom<br />
to name a few

Good on U!!!!!! Never go for religious bulls. Make up your own mind.