Me, My Wheelchair And My Music

Hi, my name is Heather I am 30 yrs old from the Chicago area
I can’t talk but it doesn’t stop me from liking the same things other people like. I like music, cats, and friends. I write original songs , I use Finale and Logic. As you can imagine it takes me a while since I only have control of 6 switches from my wheel chair to move the cursor in the program.  I love music and I have to get the songs out of my head and into the computer. My friend Vince and I found a program that lets me put voices to my words and music. It is really cool. my site is be watching on my music pages for those songs when I get them done. Click the musician button to hear some of my songs.
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1 Response Jun 18, 2012

Hi, Heather. I have CP, too... I'm not in a wheelchair. I'm glad you don't feel bad about your situation. If I can make ya laugh somehow, though, let me know! :)