Depression And Cp

hi i was just wondering if anyone could tell me if depression is something that is common in people with CP i find that lately with all the stress of my life even if i am doing something fun i always seem to be depressed and at this point i dont know what to do with it and i was wondering if anyone could give me some ideas of what would be best to do i mean i am only 20 this just doesnt seem like it should be an issue with me yet it still is :'(
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I think depression & cerebral palsy are completely linked! Nobody said living w/cerebral palsy was easy! Some stats about me: I was born 2 months premature w/CP weighing in @ a mere 3# & 10 ounces (& 16" in length!) Doctors told my parents be ready 4 a funeral in 24 hours! Ladies & gentlemen, I've defied the doctors 4 more than 3 decades!

It is my shrink told me well my ex wacky doodle. Ps I have cp

I can completely relate to how you are feeling. I have days where I feel happy and ready to tackle whatever the day brings. But, today happens to be one that I can't seem to get motivated to get up from the couch. I had a rough night. I have found a hobby that I enjoy that seems to help me.

From what I remember being told tyears ago, there is a tendancy to have CP and Depression. (same Dr diagnosed me with CP at age 2 Diagnosed my Depressions at age 15. It takes a multitude of factors to cause Depression. In my case I am pretty sure one situation in particular pushed me over the edge. I suggest you go see someone. And try to not let yourself think it shouldn't be an issue. Life with CP (and in general) isn't always awesome. PM me if you want a friend to listen/advise you

think it is pretty commom as you feel useless compaired to others

due to the way others react to the illness you want friends but they are afraid you want a lover but they are afraid to be seen with you

you want to be excepted as a person not looked down on due to an illness

Hi, I have had depression for years to varying degrees - there is, as far as I know, no direct link between the two. Depression is very common something like 1 in 3 people wll have to cope with it at some point in their life. The good thing is that it is that there are many things you can do to improve your situation. Medication is not right for everyone but it is a useful tool. I fought going down the route of medication for a long time BUT if your Dr feels you have clinical depression - where there is a chemical in-balance in your brain then going down that route is often the best way forward. The new generation of this drug type are non-adcitive and if you can find the right one for you it will really help. HOWEVER these things take quite a while to 'kick in' and its important to keep taking them regardless until you start to feel better. ALSO many people decide for their own reasons not to try medication - you need to do what feels right for YOU. That said, medication can only ever be part of the plan. there are many very simple things each of us can do to lift our mood. Have a look at the 'Mind' website. Here are a few things that work for many people:

Drink plenty of water and water based drinks - as close to 2 liters a day as you can manage.

Any type of exercise is great - do something you like to keep active every day for more than one 10 minute stretch if you can.

Spend as much time 20 mins a day minimum if possible in natural day-light a lightbox is also good.

CBT counseling can be very helpful -google it to find out more.

There is a strong link between your mood and the food you eat - Mind produced a very good book as part of the 'Food and Mood Project'.

I must head for my bed but get in touch if you want to and be gentle with yourself - don't be afraid to ask for help depression does not mean you are mad, bad, or have failed in ANY way. We All need a helping hand at some points in our lives. Take good care and as I say get in touch if you want to chat:) Please forgive my very bad typing/spelling!!

Actually.. yea it is. I've been depressed since I was 16. and to get it off your mind is to write it out listen to music stare at the sky and wonder. just saying...

I was diagnosed at age 15. For me the final push (besides being a Type A personality, and recovering from orthopaedic surgery. was my parents' divorce...ugly ugly affair, not having my feelings respected by the powers that be ...) I'm now 26, and stressful times trigger it. I also have PMDD and SAD in addition to the typical Major Depressive Disorder. My meds are my best helpers. That and the CBT from my on-campus therapist.