Cerebral Palsy + Bullying

As a kid, I knew right away I was not normal. I couldn't do all the things the other kids could. I got teased, beat up, bullied, and to make it worse, the teachers bullied me as well. I never told my parents what went on in school because I knew they would not understand. I grew up with no friends in grade school. Even more so, I had a father who made it worse by leaving my mother and I for months at a time. I never asked for this to happen to me, I just want to live a normal life like everyone else here on earth.
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What kind of cp fo you have if you dont mind me asking? :) I work with a wide range of 'disabled' people, and they are the most gorgeous people I know, Id die for them. Im sorry to hear what people put you through people suck! I think you're very special indeed, dont ruin it by trying to be normal ♡☆

Thank you. How nice of you. I have spastic hemi on my right side

I feel for you sweetie..

Thank you

Damn that sucks. I freaking hate people like that. I wish I was in school with you. I would be your friend and we could tell em all where to go. How are things now?

Thank you. Thats nice of you. Things have gotten better. I grew up having no friends though. How are you?

I'm ok. I didn't have many friends till I hit puberty. Then the boys who were so mean all through elementary school were nice. It's amazing what boobs can do. II

Nice lol. Things started going well for me in my senior year of high school though.

I also have cp. Thankfully my mom and dad have been fighting the schools so I can get help and as for the bullies yes I have had some but they know I will get them in trouble so they don't do anything to me.

You had more support than I did. The principal of my elementary school didn't want me to leave the school because I'm thinking she saw me as a meal ticket for more money from the government.

I know how you feel. You've been through a lot. It's only natural to desire a life unhampered by health or disability issues. I wish you all the very best.

There is no excuse for what happened to you. Those teachers should have protected you. It makes me angry, that the students were allowed to behave that way. Everyone is entitled to live a Normal life. I am so very sorry that had to happen to you. I am sad you did not feel your parents would understand.

I do hope your life is better now. Many people had lives that were scarred by bulling growing up. Even if they did not have physical disabilities. Once School is over it is time to put those knot heads behind you and live a happy life. They don't matter anymore my friend. only you do. Hugs Jenna