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Proud Cp Woman Here

Yes I do. The medical term for my type is 'Spastic Ataxic Quadriplegic'. This means I have tight muscles, lack balance and all four limbs are affected. I use a motorized six wheeled black beast of a chair for mobility. It is in stark contrast to my thin, small frame and makes me look imposing. I can't help but get a sense of joy from that.

I was born at 22 weeks and was 12 inches and 960 grams, a tiny bundle. I spent months in the special care nursery before I was allowed home in 1978. I don't consider myself to be disabled, except socially. People just need to stop being "scared' of people with different abilities. Dig me or get out of my darn way. Cheers!

I am cool and happy just as I am, thanks. I rock. I am single and not fussed about my "relationship status" anymore. If someone witty and charming who is true enters my life, I will be blessed...if not, I will still prevail.


TheRealWoman TheRealWoman 31-35, F 68 Responses Jul 15, 2008

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Please see my baby girls video on u tube called " Kaylee". We are in need of help..please..I'm reaching hear..I'm a mother who is about to lose all hope and a dear friend made this video for her..Kaylee huff.

I am a doctor. I always used to see kids with CP in their weakest time, its my fisrt time to see someone with CP who is strong and positive as you are.
You are AWSOME !
You are an inspiration !

wow inspiration i have right side hemiplegia n still find it hard to explain to new people coz they dont get it

I do

What you have is "AWESOMENESS"

I loved your story I'm going through a similar experience awesome!<br />
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i have CP also we need more women like us in the world to inspire others

Awesome. I've got Spastic Diplegia. Though I ambulate around using wallls sometimes, I don't have the balance I used to, so now sue my forearm crutches in my apartment as well as for short distances indoors and out. I use a 3 wheel scooter for long distances, such as around campus. I was born 10 wks early, 3lbs 2 oz. Neonatologist was amazed when we went to see her when I was like 6, cuz I wanted to meet her, Turns out I had a small bleed on my brain, but she would never have dreamed I'd end up with CP. We do not know if that caused it, although I have my suspicions. I got a virus and had to spend 100 days in the NICU. I'm studying Special Education.

You, my friend, are a very strong person. So many people are bitter about their situations but it's wonderful to know that there are people like you who don't sweat it and just try to be happy and productive DESPITE their situation. Personally I would probably fallen into a depression if I was in your state so keep being all smily and happy! :)

I am reading stories about CP from :By: chloeltear in under EP : I Have Cerebral Palsy. <br />
Hope you too connect. I do not have CP, but my old flame really gave me something to live for.

Being premature certainly has its problems. I was 2 Months prem but that was in 1948 a long time ago! I spent 3 Months in an Oxygen tent and my Mother said you could put me in a pint milk jug!<br />
I believe I was less than two pounds, have had many problems but unlike you I am mostly fit and able, except that only last Month I learned of problems I have with my blader and bowell are congenital. Only taken 63 years to find out what caused my problems. I am otherwise very happy but have problems with my children. You must keep fighting for what you need and don't let the bastards get you down. Good luck to you and best wishes.

I am full admiration for you!

how did you get so positive i need to be like you.. help

You are indeed an inspiration. If you hadn't told us about the CP and just mentioned some of the problems, I would ever have thought of something this severe. Your inspiration is that you go about your life as if everything is normal, which is better than most of us do. You mentioned you type pretty fast with three fingers on one hand an one on the other, I'm glad you can type and express yourself so clearly. You are a very prolific writer. I'm looking forward to reading more of your stories and adventures, I'm glad I've found you on EP.

Sweet says it all, my kindred. You don't set yourself up as an example, but you are the epitome of everything that is pure (even when you're thinking impure thoughts;-), pure love, pure humanity and pure honesty and integrity in everything you say and do. xxx

I have a thirteen year old teenage son, and only this year found out he is alive and fine, being raised by an adoptive family. He also has cerebral palsy, under the same medical terms, and I can only dream he will one day be such a beautiful person as you are. It is sad indeed not being with him to make sure he has the love and support I could provide, but for now, just seeing your example reassures me everything will be fine in the end. Perhaps you do not consciously raise yourself as an "example" and walk around talking about what a good person you are, but the ones who stand by and see like myself and all your friends see it otherwise.

Thank you so much, sugarfooties! I don't hold myself up as an example, but I am always glad when I help others. I hope she grows into a magnificently strong woman! xx

Wow, what a spirit! In my years as a nanny, raising other people's children, I was privileged to talk care of a small girl who had Spastic Triplegia. I started with her at the age of three months. She had a spirit comparable to yours--I was trained by her physical therapist and her occupational therapist in all the things I needed to help her--from stretching her muscles several times a day to eventually patterning her, over and over again, to be able to get herself into a sitting position by herself. This child worked SO hard!! Unfortunately, her parents didn't want anything short of perfection--her father said it wouldn't be good enough for him if she were eventually able to walk with the aid of a walker (which she now does!), he wouldn't be satisfied with anything less than her playing soccer. What an idiot! I've been in awe of this child for years, even thouugh I no longer work with her, because of her spirit and determination that whatever it was, SHE COULD DO IT! Reading your stories and your profile, I feel that I'm seeing into an adult version of this little girl, and I bow to your spirit.<br />
<br />
Her family was moving, so the last day I worked with her she got herself into a sitting position TWICE in full view of myself and her parents. Her parents shrugged it off; I had tears of wonder at this tiny child who KNEW she could do it. Watching her that day was one of the most profoundly moving experiences I've ever had--watching her spirit triumph over her body's limitations.<br />
<br />
Thank you for giving me a glimpse into who I believe she will be one day!

Thank you for all of your comments.<br />
<br />
I will try and keep up, but Notifications have been not working as swiftly as they should.<br />
<br />
No pain on a regular basis, Kindal, just a constant tightness. In winter, it gets uncomfortable....and since botched surgery on my toes I can just stand in my lifting hoist, not walk. I used to use a walking fr<x>ame at times.

I couldn't help but smile thinking of you as that tiny beautiful baby :)

Hi babe, I didn't know but know you have a lot of courage, my disability is Bipolar, manic depression, have been in and out of hospital 4 times, but I keep going and remain hopeful, keep up the fight girl, your a winner!<br />
<br />
Love ya babe, and your a wonderful friend you have been rock for me!

very, very nice!!!

TheRealWoman...we have a special bond.<br />
<br />
You are one of a very few who understand my love for the Dark Goddess. She is the Dark aspect of Mother Earth. Her gift is pain. She is the aspect of nature that brings polio, <br />
Cerebral Palsy, flu etc… She creates Earth quakes, hurricanes, tsunami etc. <br />
<br />
Only the very wise understand that life on Earth depends on these and other natural challenges. <br />
<br />
You and I understand Friedrich Nietzsche’s quote “That which does not kill us makes us stronger.” We live the pain that is part of that quote and understand our pain is a gift from our Dark Mother…DD

I cant imagine what it would be like to be CP , the idea of surveying everything from an imposing throne is a very positive thought though. What the top speed have you sent any articles to motor magazines to review your throne, Best wishes

Very cool :)

What an inspiration!<br />
<br />
I was diagnosed with MS several years ago and I still have a hard time accepting it to be perfectly honest. I hope that I can come to a place of peace like you have about it. I know CP and MS are different but I just thought I'd add this to your awesome post.

Cheers geetar39. :)

Your pride and confidence are inspiring TRW.

I am only a freak when I say I am yourself.

We continue, mewold...I admire you. I just meant to deny it, cast it aside or strive to cure it would not make me, Me. :)

My friend, I don't see the disability, only you. It is your fault. Your intellegence and wit and good nature causes me to forget it. So if you want me to see your CP as part of you, where do we go from here.