I'm new to this site, and i stumbled upon here looking for stories and experiences of other
folks who have CP too, I'm 21 and was born with mild athetoid CP, I went to normal public schools, college and university, but have never come across anyone like me to share experiences or understanding with, I live in my own place independently and now I've graduated
from uni I work freelance as an Editor but recently started an internship at a production company,
I just wondered what kind of Jobs other people with CP do? how do you manage fatigue, aches and pains? Do you work part time? do you take meds? i've never taken any meds and only been suggested botox injections or meds that slow the brain functionally down as a side effect, it be nice to hear how others deal with their working lives:)

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i too struggle with finding a job also in relationshipsthere isnt enough info and help out there its in furiating ??

Wow, I have more of an appreciation of how varied CP can be after reading all your comments. My CP affects both my legs, although my left leg is better as the hip joint sits normally; on the right side it's out of place and has been causing me pain for at least the past year.

I never realised that fatigue could be related to my CP; that's definitely something I feel, I seem to run of steam before my friends or siblings do, and everything seems to take longer!

Physio and hydrotherapy help me to the nth degree, but the stupid NHS seems to think that once you're an adult you no longer require those services.

I am working towards becoming a primary school teacher; I've only done teaching assistant work recently, and my hours were 9.30-2.30 five days a week so not too bad at all. I wish I did have more energy though because I'm also single parent to a six year old and it's nigh on impossible to get everything done.

If I was really tired I'd use my chair, that seems to conserve a bit of energy.

I can honestly say my CP has a big impact on my energy levels, for many years now I have had to determine each day of prioritising and conserving energy, I can say through out uni i used to struggle somewhat to keep up with my friends on going out and balancing it with uni work, as it takes longer to do most things as my fine motor skills are not good, so i had to turn down alot of opportunities or events, but I'm not resentful because i always knew my focus, what i was there to do (get a degree) and the times i did go out were more meaningful/special.

I had Physio and Hydro myself when i was young but was stopped when i got in my teens as they refused to take me saying there was no funding for it, now i have a Physio i see every like 6 months who makes and updates a programme for me that i have to carry out myself, maybe it would be worth seeing if you could try something similar? i go to a gym, but i also have equipment at home for days the travel is to much, but it could be just home based, i find the more i do it, in the long run i find it helps keep me more able and have more energy too :)

Same here, I used to see a physio once a week, he used to just stretch my hip and although it was a bit uncomfortable it did the trick and took the pain away. I can do some of it myself, but not all of it.

Hola! I'm Feliciana and I've had moderate to severe CP my whole life. It mostly effects my legs and when I was little up until the age of nine I used canes but after I turned ten it got worse, my legs just wouldn't work right anymore. So now at 14 I am a primary wheelchair user, I mostly don't take any meds accept for lyrica when my legs ache. I'm a freshmen in high school and a member of the Anime Club, Art Club, Chess Club, Military Relief group, and Best Buddies, it's a group that lets you become older brothers or sisters to mental disabled children, I love it. :)

Hey there Feliciana, thank you for commenting, its so nice to hear you take part in so many groups and interests! you strike me as a creative person with art and anime, which i consider my self also as a film editor, what i mean to say is ageing with CP can be difficult and mobility can change, but the creative mind is freedom that can not be lost as long as you find interests and feed it, I also admire your compassion for others less fortunate, don't change! :)

I am 21 years old and went to a regular public school and a regular college. I will get my associates in Early Childhood Education and plan on going back to school for a Bachelors in Elementary Education. My CP only affects my right side and it is a slight case.
Recently, over the past 8 months I have been getting spasms in my right arm, my arm becomes numb, shakes and after I get a achy headache. This has never happened before. Have you ever experienced this? I haven't really ever needed to see a neurologist much.

I have spasms flare up from the normal shakes in my left arm time to time, Cp mainly effects my left side, and yes i get numbness in half my left hand sometimes half of palm and pinky and 3rd finger is numb, however these aren't a knock on effect from each other, they happen on there on accord, also i don't suffer from headaches. If this is usual for you its best to get it checked out for peace of mind, but as I'm sure your aware it could be anything such as recent stress in last few months, bodies react in different ways, I've always known I've never been able to hide when I'm nervous because I shake more.

Thank you for your input. I think I will get it checked out! When I get nervous my arm tenses up. I am glad I joined this blog so I can talk to other people who experience what I go through!

No problem, I hope that you find answers, if you ever have other questions feel free to ask, I'm glad too, first time for me to share experiences :)

I have never shared my experiences with anyone. I've pretty much kept them to myself lol

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i work fixing computers i don't really take meds except for an occasional lortab or lyrica for my leg pain and for sleep i'm 20 and i went to regular public school to i just graduated high school in may so yea.....

sweet cheers for sharing this with me, I understand how sleep can be difficult, I've also got lyrica shorts and chest piece for wearing during the day but I have to admit I don't tend to were them as they limit movement and make me feel hot, and I'm still having to build up at tolerance for them, how do you find yours? at night i have a hard hand splint, which again i avoid as i always seem to wack myself in the head at night, and they are bloody hard. do you work part time?

I don't really have to wear anything except a chest harnis in the daytime but I never wear it and yes I work part time.