Cerebral Palsy

I was born with a slight case of Cerebral Palsy. During the birthing process my heart rate stopped several times leaving me with hardly any oxygen, it is believed this is why i have a slight case of Cerebral Palsy. My Cerebral Palsy affects me on my right side only. My left side functions normally. Through out my life I have experienced the physical side affects of (C.P.) but within the past 8 months I have begun to get muscle spasms in my right arm and sometimes right leg. When I have these muscle spasms my right arm starts shaking, it goes numb and then I get a bad headache after. Has anyone ever experienced this? What can a Neurologist do for this?
Thank you, Britni
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I have spasms in my legs occasionally but no matter how infrequently I have them, they are so annoying and painful! I understand what you are going through. My spasms feel like lightning coursing through my leg! I see a neurosurgeon and he implanted a pump in my abdomen which reduces the spasms by releasing muscle relaxant into the muscles. This helps greatly! I also have found massage therapy to be extremely helpful, as it warms and relaxes individual muscles as well as the whole body system. Good luck to you and I hope that this helps. Take good care of yourself. Thank you, Ally


I also have CP and started experiencing shakes and headaches this year, but I was told it had nothing to do with my CP because it wasn't like my normal spasms. I was diagnosed with anxiety.

Hey, I know I'm late but I'm in the same situation just on the left side. The spasms are in fact normal but I learned if you exercise almost everyday it decreases. It helps take the mind of it.


Neurologist would probably be your best option. The numbness could be a sign of nerve compression or pinching in your back or neck. Which could also be causing the headaches. A CAT scan or MRI should be able to verify this. The spasms unfortunately are normal with CP. Medication can help but it will not cure the problem. I also have CP and went through the same thing. Luckily I haven't needed surgery yet just physical therapy.