Aging And CP

I am 22 now and am a full time college student. I work, I go to the gym, lift weights, stay as active as I can. I was born 13 weeks early and diagnosed with CP. As I have gotten older it has really started to take a toll. I feel as though I am loosing mobility in my legs and the spasticity seems to be getting worse. The stiff joints and muscles is probably the worse. I still stay active and live a very normal like and I think staying physically active and mentally active has really helped me out. However, the pain is getting worse and it is starting to take a toll. Just wanted to know if anyone else my age is going through something similar? I know there is not a lot of research on CP and aging in young adults but it does appear to be a growing field of interest. I am scared I am going to end up in a wheel chair just by the way things seem to be going.

Thanks for the time and allowing me to vent

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I am twice your age and have mild cerebral palsy and can still walk independently and drive . If you stay active and work out and continue to exercise you will not lose the mobility that you have but , don't over due. We all have Pain sometimes from over doing activities . Keep up the good work and be positive . I have a grown daughter and I'm an artist as well. My workouts have improved my condition so, keep working out it helps. See your doctor if , you're in pain . Don't over due. The good News is your condition won't get worse. We just need to stay active to keep what we have. You are doing the right things and you know what you body can handle. You can do it!

i also have cp but mild cp i havent lost full mobility of my lower limbs yet & i hope to not lose the movement anytime soon.

I hear you my friend, I'm 32 and the simple thing have gotten more difficult, but gotta keep fighting the good fight