Diagnosed With CP At A Very Young Age.

Pregnancy is supposed to be beautiful gift from God! What happens when your child has a lifelong condition? Forced to live with it for the rest of their life? Your parents feel guilty. They think could I have carried you longer. When I was born. I weighed 3 lbs. 6 oz. My mother-could only carry me for six months. I was four months premature. I was so tiny that I could fit in the palm of your hand. Not to mention I had to wear doll clothes! My own family was afraid to hold me. At the age of two years old. My parents found out I had cerebral palsy. My parents new something was wrong. I could not sit up on my own, I was not crawling when I should be. Finally my parents found a hospital that was able to help! Shinners hospital for children. Located in Erie hospital which deals with children who have orthopedic conditions! I met with a doctor. Little did I know he soon would become my hero! My doctors name was Dr. Sanders. Throughout my life I had multiple surgeries on my feet. From dealing with surgery on heel tendons, reconstruction of my feet, and! having surgeries on my hips. Up until the age four I was still crawling. By the age of five I started walking with a walker! I needed braces on my feet for assistance. I walked with a walker for about a year! Age 7 came and guess what? I started walking with loft strands! That is the correct name to call them but I call them canes! This journey has included long and hard hours of physical therapy. Euro- peds in Pontiac! I would go once a week for three months straight! Then I would take a break! Now I am older! About to graduate high school! I definitely plan on going to college! As I get older. I realize the normal day-to-day tasks are going to be a little bit difficult for me. Unfortunately I still walk with my canes. I haven't started drivers training yet, but hope to someday! If I ever get that the chance to drive I will have to use special hand controls because I can't use my feet. I hope I have hopes and dreams of having a family someday! What if I can have my own children or have a choice of adopting is a way I will have kids and I will have a husband! I would like to talk to to people that have the same condition as me! PLEASE READ MY STORY!!!!

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i was born weighing 1lb 15 oz i was told i was going to die along with my mother. and dont worry believe in the lord and he shall grant you safety and love. you and i are practically in the same boat together. i dont have my drivers license either. i have driven cars before, but i see myself as a liability more than an asset when driving.

Honey, do not fear. I am 44 years old and have been blessed with six beautiful children. There is always hope. God gave you to your parents for a very special reason. Just like God my parents me. My mom and dad were told to take me home and enjoy me because I may not live past the age of 16. You and I are two of God's miracles. May God continue to bless you throughout your life.

That's So true

Hi how are you? I also have cp but is a much milder condition than yours but still a struggle. Anyways I"d love to talk. :)

your story is almost the same as mine growing up i have problems with my legs and hips my feet and toes are crooked they want me to have surgery on them but i don't wan't to when i was little i could walk with a walker but now the spasticity is so bad in my legs i can't do it anymore i'm 20 and i just graduated last may it sucks because ive never had a girlfriend because i have to be lifted everywhere and i don't wan't to bother anybody but i have a question can you transfer yourself or do you need help? so if you need someone to talk to i'm here(:

Aww I'm sorry! I'll be 19 on February 11. I've never had a boyfriend. You won't bother me I want someone to talk to! I walk with canes and use a wheelchair for long distances. I'm here for you to if you need someone to talk too :) thanks Chris

your welcome and thank you

It's nice to have someone to talk to:)

i agree we can chat if you want?

if you want or need to talk with a person thathas worked with it for many years please free free to do so
as a care provider for manyyears with a different type of living home and i also had a freind very dear to me that also had it she justdecide she was better off in california Vs Orego after lisneing to too many of her so called friends
she now is in a nursing home and to have total control of where she goes and how long she can stay

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You are walking a hard road, but you have already came a long way long way.

Yes I have! I must say I'm scared though :( pretty soon i will be stepping into the real world. Pretty soon ill start college. I don't even have a drivers license yet. I have to a special a special driving school in Livonia. I have to get tested 1st to see if I'm even capable of driving? Then if I can drive I have to drive a car with hand controls, because I can't use my feet. Pretty scary stuff.