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I've never really wrote about my life before so here goes. I have CP. I was born almost 3 months premature and in 1978 that was even more of a big deal than it is today. I grew up with a brother and sister who are twins and 6 years younger than me. I was always treated pretty normal, except for the enevitable one that had to pity me. I went to a regular high school,had lots of friends, and never really thought about me being different except for when the wheelchair got in the way. Right after high school I fell in love and I knew immediatly we were gonna be married.About ten months after we met i got pregnant with my first child. She's a beautiful girl who is about to turn ten now and she's the light of my life. When she was nine months old i got pregnant with my baby boy. He's 8 now and is the complete definition of mama's boy. Me and my husband managed to stay together for ten years. Even though he started cheating after about five I tried to ignore it because i really loved him and I was scared to be alone, but finally I had to let him go.  That's been almost 2 years ago. I'm living on my own raising my two kids with hardly any support from him.It I wonder if there are any good guys left I went from never having to think about my CP while growing up to wondering everyday if it's the reason my marrriage didn't last forever, and wondering if it's gonna be what keeps me from finding someone to spend the rest of my life with.

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it is a hard road to hold: i am 52 with c.p. and i have never been with a woman and it is on my mind 24/7 not that i want sex (i don't) what i want the most is the holding and feeling of skin. in my life i have never been able to get my feels out. at home for 42 years sex, women and so was never alond to come out of my mouth. now that i live on my own, i have workers to help me, and i am still not alond to bring up that kind of subject or i get reported back to the company and that pull the heplers. i go out to night clubs and get called names like creep, pervert because people think i am as old inside as i look on outside so thay see me as a dirty old man, but i have never seen a live nude woman. so i get very depress and don't go out.

With love there is always hope of finding the right person. Hang in there hun.