CP Is a Gift...

I have a crazy idea, folks.

I think that you could look at our CP as a gift. With it, we can see injustice and ignorance and we know that love and friendship matters. Our eyes are wide open and wise. Our bodies are twisted, we may limp or use wheels, but So What?

We are awesome and deserve love and lovers too!

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I like this. We can use our disability to make things right and help others.

I agree. The positive side is it enables us to distinguish the two very quickly.

HECKY YEAH!!!! Say that!


My Uncle had CP, and passed away the day before I shipped out for my 2nd deployment of the war, back in Jul 02. I miss him.

My bf has cerebral palsy! but i still love him so much! he is handsome, intelligent, funny, sociable, kind, and yummy! :)

is that the secret, my best friend has CP, and of all the people I have ever known he his undoubtedly 1 of the most amazing people I have ever met. His life, as Im sure you know, been challenging to say the least. Yet his ambition, determination, and abilities are unmatched. He is the lead singer in a death metal band, as well as many, many other things. I met him when I was hitch-hiking to Seattle, and what should have been a half hour ride- became my new family, and i lived wim him and his girlfriend for 2 years. I agree very much CP is a gift, a gift that gives to all who have it and everyones lives they touch. peace


My son has cp and has taught me what really matters in life. My world has become so much better because I would get caught up in rushing around just trying to get things done. I now know all those "things" mean nothing what matters is simple things. Taking time makes you notice more around you, not being able to verbally communicate doesn't mean anything when you listen and see with love. He has a really cool communication board but he WILL NOT use it at home (he will use it at school) because we don't need words. He hates it when people address me about him instead of directing it to him or acting like he doesn't understand anything. He has learned to flip these people the middle finer and thinks its funny when I say "it's just a muscle spasm"

I could not agree more!

I agree I was born with Cerebral Palsy too. Just keep on being yourself.<br />
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Kind regards Carol

Thanks everyone, it didn't come to me from birth, I am forged in the flames of hurt.

I'm right there with you. If I didn't had CP I don't think I would be as strong or as determined. It is a gift from god. <br />
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Thanks for your story

I think you may be right, most of us CP people are survivors of severe health conditions at birth... i feel myself as a winner in the game of life, so this gives me lots of sensibility...

"Our eyes are wide open and wise." you wrote. Yep, this is definitely you. I enjoy reading your writings TheRealArticulatePassionateWiseAmazingWoman.

It's been a gift knowing you, TRW!!!

It's all about perspective and determination. :)

You are so right, so many people pity me because of my condition, but they don't realise all the things that I am lucky for

You are so awesome The RealWoman!! I totally so agree with you! I have had so many experiences in my life and got through them against great odds - CP has made me a more tolerant, empathetic and able to give sound advice in many situations - I'd be lost without it!

We are blessed, shadowx...We see things deeply because we look into the heart of ignorance and live.

yeah i feel like as people with CP we are cursed.

you know...your right. i mean, i'm still working on my self esteem..but i agree with you. i'm just now coming to terms with mine, instead of hiding it.