I Have A Mild Form Of Cp

My nake is Brad and I also have a mild form of CP. I was born almost a month early but the funny thing is of all my siblings I was born the closest to my due date. I got stuck during birth and apparantly was cut off from oxygen. Nobody knows exactly how long that lasted, but that's most likely how I got it.

When I was learning how to walk I walked on my tiptoes because my achilles tendons were too short. The doctor put casts on my feet to force my heels down and stretch the muscles out. Tight muscles in my legs remain a problem - I have bone spurs in my feet and almost exactly three years ago I had a really bad case of sciatica. I could barely walk it hurt so much.

I never know how much I should talk about CP. As a child my mom didn't want others taking advantage of me and discuraged me telling others about it. After I became an adult she started saying I should mention it in interviews as employers might show preference to someone with a disability. Mom has since passed away, but my sister repeats the mantra as I search for a job. It's hard to turn that around that way of thinking. At the last job I got I never mentioned it during the interviews, but about 8 months later we had a staff conference in Kansas City. One of the training sessions was about diversity training and when the man giving the lecture got to disabilities he asked if any of us had one. Me and two others raised their hands. He then told a story that sounded very familiar and stated that he had mild CP. Then he asked me my disability and I laughed at the coincidence and admitted it. A lot of people thought it was a funny coincidence and the guy came over and gave me a fist bump.

Anyway, glad to find this group and glad to meet you all.

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Hi Junie 27---I don't blame you for not telling everyone about your CP, but how do you hide it? I have it as well, and I have a very noticable limp. Do you explain the cause of your symptoms as something other than CP? <br />
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Wow,ME TOO I was born early,had the same surgery I have had bad sciatica and i don't tell everyone about my CP just a select few .

I had the same surgery as you when I was really little (like around 1 year old) but just on my left side, since I have left hemi-plegic CP. <br />
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In my opinion, you should be able to talk about your disability. I have told my close friends (one ignorantly asked if she should "treat me differently", so i just explained more about it and told her to treat me like anyone else, but to know I have difficulty with some things). I feel like it has brought me so much closer to my friends, and made me feel better about myself since I don't have to hide it. They treat me exactly like everybody else, and I love that.

I certainly don't think you should be afraid to talk about it. I consider my case of CP pretty mild, but people can definitely tell that I have it just by watching me walk.<br />
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I also have had people tell me I should play up the disability thing for jobs. One guy said that, in his opinion, I should only apply for government jobs because they would show the most preference for people with disabilities.<br />
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That seems like a bad way to pick jobs though... I'd rather take a job because it excites me. That said, I'll never look down on someone who puts it on a job application. If they ask the question, why not?