My 18 Month Old Daughter Has A Chalazion

About 5 months ago my daughter who was then 13 months old had a very small bump on her left lower eye-lid. It was the color of her skin and just enough for other people to notice it. I brought it up to her pediatrician at her one year check up and he confirmed that it was just a stye. Slowly over the period of 5 months her 'stye' got bigger and bigger and bigger. Our daughter is now 18 months old and her stye is a dark red, with green under the skin and it is scabbing. It is very obvious to tell that it bothers her, hurts to touch, and is irritating in regards to her vision. Since her 1 year check up I have taken her to her pediatrician 2 separate times for worsening symptoms. Both times her pediatrician joking told me it was nothing to worry about and that it was a stye that would go away on its own with some time and warm compresses. Frustrated and feeling hopeless I walked out of his office with my daughter who seemed to be taken over by a huge bump on her eye. Everywhere we went people were beginning to stare and especially children. It was slowly beginning to break my heart. Today, my Fiance and I decided to take her to an eye care specialist for a second opinion. The second we walked into the office of the specialist we could see the look of concern on her face. She asked us how long our daughter had this bump and we told her around 5 months. We told her that we kept bringing her back to her pediatrician for it and he would not give us a referral and that he insisted it was just a stye.
The eye care specialist told us that it is actually a chalazion (a blocked up tear duct) and that the bacteria has actually gone into the tissue of her eye lid. The doctor said that she could lance the bump but it wouldn't do anything but traumatize our daughter and be a temporary fix to the problem. The bacteria was so deep that it needs to be surgically removed. So I asked the Specialist when this needs to be done and she said within 2 weeks.
I am so thankful that my Fiance and I went to get a second opinion. Unfortunately the surgery may leave a scar and if it has to be performed right on her lower lid where the lashes are. In this case her lashes may never grow back. Hopefully with how young she is the scar will heal very quickly and it should be about a quarter inch in length.
I asked the specialist that if this was properly diagnosed earlier if the surgery could have been prevented. She said yes. With small chalazions they can usually be treated with steroid shots, antibiotic eye drops, and topical cream applied on the direct area.
The specialist also said that styes and chalazions have very different treatment plans. For a stye usually a warm compress is recommended but for a chalazion this can in fact be the worst thing for it. A warm compress on a bacterial infection will cause it to grow deeper and spread.
In a way I am very frustrated with our daughter's pediatrician. I can understand a human making mistakes...we all make mistakes...but 3 times wrong is not mistake it is carelessness and over confidence.
If he would have simply known that he does NOT know everything and that maybe a second opinion would help him and his patient then it would have saved all of us this trouble.
My daughter's appointment for a consultation is on January 31st and hopefully her surgery will be within 2 weeks and a few days because I don't want to wait much longer seeing that she is miserable.
And for any other family going through this if you aren't confident in your doctor's diagnosis please do not ever be afraid of getting a second opinion.
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I believe my son has this too (he is 9 years old, but the doctor said it was a blepharitis and suggested hot compresses. It has now gotten bigger and appears to be getting worse.

Did your daughter have surgery? My son is scheduled for next Friday.

Oh and I would definitely find another pediatrician.

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