I Was Thehippy But I Can Not Get Into My Account

i had written loads of stories under thehippy name and my music score was and still is unbeaten, but i cant get into the account. Its a long story but basically i cant get emails from experience project...for one reason or another so ive had to open a new account. So i am now queenlion. and i am going to have to beat my own score in the music quiz...BOOOOH. xx    
queenlion queenlion
41-45, F
4 Responses Aug 7, 2011

thank you vman1370 my pleasure.

Nice to see your back ! and its nice to be your friend !

well if thats who i am queen of thats enough for me as long as that man is my son. xx

wow....your son must be thankful of you as his mom

same here, I can't get emails from ep and don't know if someone have replied from my comment on Q&A. Your new name sounds like you're ruling the whole dynasty. it's great name. "Queen"it might be queen of your only man