I'm Not That Miserable ***** Anymore.

I use to have such a horrable look on life. I would get frustrated and have so much self pity. I never liked it but I didn't know how to change. Until I met the man who became my husband. I felt so much different when I started actually getting a real connection with him. It didn't take long either. Now we had some rough times cause not all my bitterness went away. Especially if a bad situation came up. Then I had a wake up call when ever he was packing his bags and said he was done. We actually broke up for awhile. When we did end up getting back together I tried so hard to change all the negativity in me. I have succeded and now we are so happy together. I believe I have changed for the better. And a change I wantedmyself but didn't know how. So I can really say I have changed because of him.
Tara277 Tara277
31-35, F
May 18, 2012