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At The Beach

I change at the beach all the time. Infrequently is there a place nearby that I can change in, so I just change into my bikini on the beach. Usually, I'll only cover up while I change into the bikini bottom, then I'll generally just remove everything when I put on my top. So long as it's not windy, it's generally not a problem.
hotnnow hotnnow 18-21, F 3 Responses Dec 31, 2011

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I have done in in Europe, too. Most beaches there don't even have places to change. Most people try to be discreet, but no one cares if you are not, so I never use a towel. The only question is whether I make any attempt to find my swimsuit in my bag before taking all my clothes off.

Changing into togs at the beach, under a towel or robe, was common garden when I was a boy 50 years ago. In Europe, no one will stare if you change at the beach without a towel. The string bikini was designed to go on and off under a loose t shirt.

I think that anyone who goes to the beach shouldn't have issues with nudity! It is much easier to simply remove your wet clothes, dry off, then easily put on dry clothes, than it is to hide and have a much more difficult time during changing!